September 20, 2017

Untitled Post

I sat for 30 minutes and I could not come up with a title at all. The things I want to say just don’t have a title.
The day I don’t have to work at or for a company cannot come soon enough. It’s like high school all over again with a twist except I believe teenagers are more mature than the adults I deal with on a daily basis.
I’m appalled at how childish today’s women are. They will smile and talk and say they love you to your face, then stab you in the back and gossip before you can even completely walk away from them. It’s sickening. So much two faced business going on, one gossips about this one to you then is all of sudden their best bud. B.S. Do I gossip? Sure, it’s more like I’m discussing trying to figure out the ones that are two faced and I’m done with them. I don’t care what they’re pissed about or what they’re saying. It’s nonsense. What did I do to deserve to have such shitty people in my life and shitty people are not just at work.
Who’s real or true anymore? Hard to say!?!?! That’s why I keep to myself. The slightest bit of shadiness and I’m out. I don’t care who it is either. Some of the nicest and prettiest people are truly the ugliest and most devious people I’ve ever met in my life. They put on a good show but would never miss a chance at doing you dirty.
A pretty face can’t cover up an ugly heart.
A fake loving attitude cannot be covered by an ugly heart either.
If I lose trust in someone, they pretty much don’t get it back. If I cared for someone and they done me dirty, I will cut you out of my life. You no longer exist to me and I will look right through you like you’re not even standing there. I understand that sometimes people really do screw up and deserve forgiveness, but most I’ve dealt with don’t deserve my effort.
The things I say about myself are nothing but truths, even my social media posts. If I have something to hide well it’s hidden, but I’m not on here or anywhere trying to build myself up to be something I’m not just for viewers to read and think I’m some diamond. That being said….I see so many women (yes I’m picking on women), post and write stuff about their self that has nothing to do with them, it ain’t them. Why lie? Why have some odd 1000+ people thinking you’re such a good woman when in fact you’re nothing but the lowest scum on earth? Am I perfect?….Nope and I don’t claim to be. I do stuff and live my life in a way that would piss others off. BUT it’s my life and I’m not trying to put on a show of someone I’m not.
The feeling of not being able to trust people is aweful but that’s just how it is for me. I will probably never have a serious relationship again simply because everyone I run into is not trustworthy. Even with the people I know now I have suspected and caught lying to me. I just don’t get it all. I ask direct questions to people and most of the time they’re lying. You can tell by their body actions; talking fast, moving around, ending the conversation, and well nothing ever adding up of course. And like yesterday I seen a post that for their sake better not have nothing to do with me, get delete after a short amount of time….I see everything, I just keep most of it to myself. I screen shot a lot for the day I may need evidence. I also have messages I refuse to delete where each one talks bad about the other…lol. What did I do to them? I think being an honest and faithful person has done nothing but cause me to get screwed over time and time again. I think being a cold hearted sadistic bitch would be more suitable! At least that way I shouldn’t get hurt anymore.
I don’t even want to get to know new people anymore, and that’s sad that people have done me so wrong that I don’t want to be around anybody.
Well all that is not hurt, it’s just I’m fed up with immature people and don’t want nothing to with them. Especially the circle of certain ones I’ve somehow gotten messed up with.
Have a great day!!

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