September 13, 2017

What a frigging day!

I tried to go to sleep & forget about it all but who can sleep feeling like I feel?
First off–Work…nuff said.
My daughter n law has an accident today & believe the car is totaled. She was hit by a rig who kept going & got away. She’s pregnant. When my son told me I almost collapsed, scared the hell out of me! I’m so glad she is ok! And the baby is ok too. Bless their hearts, they’re trying so hard to make it, then this happens. I feel so bad for them. I love them so much! So hard to sleep with them on my mind. So worried about them.
Without a miracle, I’ll be evicted….soon.
And lastly, feeling absolutely like an idiot. I have felt all day long that I’m not good enough for anybody. I mean look at me, it’s not like I have a killer ass body, money, etc. I don’t have anything to offer, I realized that today. I guess being single is the best place for me because I sure as hell can’t do nothing for a man to ‘keep’ him happy.
It hurts to feel like I feel & it really sucks when your made to feel this way. I don’t want anymore relationships, I’m tired of being hurt. I don’t fucking deserve to feel this way. Being a good faithful person does you no good.
I have no idea what I’m going to do about anything. I’m at a loss right now.
Well it’s short but my mind is racing & I can’t think right now. Goodnight.

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