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I'm Ready To Forrest Gump It

I don’t know how much thought process y’all put into stuff but I’m bad for it.
I think just taking off like Forrest Gump did would be awesome. When you just can’t take it anymore… Of anything. It would be nice to just say fuck it & leave for awhile. Not give a care in the world to your current shit.
I’m literally at a place in my life where I’m just not giving a fuck. So much is going on in my life & no solutions to anything. Not to mention I threw my feelings out there.
I don’t even say I’m strong anymore because I just really don’t care. I can’t fix nothing, future seems hopeless, & apparently I’ll never be loved. So what’s the damn point?
Yes I’m having a bad moment…
Those moments usually consist of me realizing the truths & reality of everything & everyone. And its pretty damn depressing to know no one really gives a damn about you except trying to sleep with you. I have removed so many men off of my social shit it ain’t even funny. Hell… Um….I’m a human too… I deserve to have someone… Someone that wants me the same way back.
I’m now writing down on paper in my journal so I really have to hide it now lol.. But it feels real good to let it all out, names, feelings, what’s pissed me off, who’s hurt me, etc..
I see & catch on real quick to shit I wish I didn’t because it only ends badly for me. Nobody knows me for real. Nobody cares too. That’s why I write in circles in case no ones noticed. I refuse to show my true self to anyone not willing to catch me.
I was taking a bath earlier & realized that from a very young age, men have been a problem in my life. All the way back to the age of 6 starting with the traumatizing years of being molested….just saying, kinda odd it’s always been a man problem.
I needs me some good running shoes so I’s can take off now….
Whatever though, just whatever. Idgaf anymore anyway. Most people have shown to be useless in my life & that’s why I don’t even waste time to make new aquaintances.
Ok I’ll shut up now. Done ranting & bitching for a little while anyway lol. I do feel sorry for y’all sometimes reading my anger & issues. Gotta vent somewhere when you got no one to vent to at home. 🙂
Love you all! Lori
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