August 19, 2017

Happy Saturday

It’s another day I’m alive & thankful. And I’m not at work lol. I’ve got work to do around the house but hey it’s all good. At least I have a home & able to do things, some don’t have the ability or option. So I’m thankful.
Sorry I haven’t wrote in a few days & haven’t wrote sex talk 3 yet. Work drains me & so does my emotions.
I have to say that out of everything I’ve wrote so far about myself, which is a lot I know, it really is only like not even half of myself. It’s funny sometimes people think they know me but you only know what I allow. There’s some things that only I know that I refuse to share with anyone. You can’t let it all out lol.
A womans heart is like an ocean, it’s full of secrets.
Especially this ones lol! But seriously you can’t fully expose yourself to people, they can’t handle it or just don’t need to know every little detail about you. If I can trust a person…I’ll speak somewhat more about myself but still I shut down at some point.
I don’t like exposing my feelings for sure. I’ve learned from the past it only leaves me hurt. That’s why it’s so hard for me to do it today. I tend to literally stay away from most people because I don’t want to like them for fear of losing them. Stupid logic I know but after being hurt so much you just shut down after awhile.
I may be a little emotional today lol but I’m ok though, really. It’s like a calm emotional feeling, idk how to explain it. Just thinking about things & people this morning with a clear mind.
I actually am considering to start running or just maybe power walking lol. It may help me to not smoke as much. But quitting is not an option right now… Someone will die hahahahaha.
Enjoy life the best you can. Love those who love you. Slow down & take a breath.
Have a beautiful day people!
Love, Lori

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