August 16, 2017


Good morning everyone. Its back to work for me today, just two days though. I’m so glad.
I tried like 5 times yesterday to do a video for my vlog & I deleted all of them. I couldn’t say the right words for nothing to explain anything lol. So I gave up.
Some of it was just about how I’m dealing with people that don’t really care about me. You can tell who really does or don’t. And who just likes drama, damn drama queens. Anyway, I basically just stopped giving them the time of day. I see & hear their childishness but I pay it no mind. They’re fading away. I’ve been trying to focus on myself which is helping some but in order to break from the nonsense, it’s a constant reminding to myself…. They ain’t worth it. Simply because I see & hear it so much. Once my trust is broke, you’re pretty much dead to me. I mean I may speak to you again but I’ll never trust you for nothing ever again, not even with what I’m having for lunch.
We all have our hells. Some worse than others but we all have them.
You ever meet someone that just takes away your problems momentarily? Like you can’t even think of your problems while they’re around? They can literally make your soul smile? Well, its nice, it really is. Its pretty fucking awesome. But there’s more than likely a sad ending to mine coming one day though. And it will fucking suck. I hope it don’t but….
Any who lol, If I can while I’m at work I’m going to work on sex talk round 3. You can call me Dr. Lori… Hahaha I’m just kidding!
You know I’m looked down on everything I do. The way I write, the way I live, even the house I live in, the way I dress, etc. Idk why but it pisses me off. Why is it that everything about me pisses people off??? I don’t get it… Really I don’t. I’ve never done a damn thing to anyone I associate with.
People need to understand that this is my life not theirs. I’m not going to quit & just live like others say I should live. That’s damn stupid. Why would I do that? Why do people think they know me & know what’s best for me? I don’t see not one of them paying my rent….
I’ve been through a lot & I continue to struggle but guess what… I’m still standing.

Well hopefully I can get a post done later today. Y’all have a great day!!!!
Love, Lori

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