August 14, 2017

Good Morning!!

Hi there everyone. Wow thanks for all the reads on my last post. I can see what y’all like to read lol… Me too😁.
After I went to bed I started thinking of more to ask, oh well lol.
Well it’s a new day! I’m not very chipper this morning. Sitting here trying to wake up & trying to figure out what to start on first in my house, paint or build a bathroom shelf. I have to keep busy or I’ll go crazy.
Thinking how glad I am I didn’t speak & open my heart up. I seen a post this morning on facebook that said ‘The things you hide in your heart will eat you alive’… Well in this case I’d rather it eat me alive than for me to make a fool of myself. Sometimes, I think you should just keep ya mouth shut on stuff that will hurt you more. Just my logic anyway, I don’t like looking like a fool.
I shared a post about people’s true colors showing. Boy have I been seeing some lately and they’re quite damn ugly. Makes the whole person ugly. Ugly hearts make an ugly face, I don’t care how good you look, your attitude makes or breaks you.
Everytime I start wishing for a man that’s just mine I’m reminded why I chose to be single. I have no tolerance for the bullshit that comes with it. I come home and no one is here bitching at me and I don’t have to wonder if he’s a cheater… Kinda sweet.
Well I got a raise at work but it wasn’t much and our boss is retiring soon, so I have to find something else. I’m not working for the ones they’re replacing him with. That company is just aweful. I’m only holding out for my $500 bonus and hopefully I’ll be out of there. I so very badly want a job where I can start at 4am-noon or one. I want a completely different hour set up, so sick of 12 hour shifts and feeling like I live there. 8am-8pm will make it feel like you have no life.
I cannot wait until writing short books, blogging, and vlogging is what I do for a living. It’s coming, I’m not giving up on it, I’m too damn stubborn. Did you know that from blogging alone you can make $100 to thousands a month? Of course you gotta love to write and have something to write about. It can be about absolutely anything. Your business, your life, a product, etc. It’s pretty cool. But you don’t have to know how to write, it’s your blog, you write what or however you want too. You are the publisher unless you’re hired to write for someone, then you cause yourself to be limited.
I’m chatting on facebook while I’m writing this post lol. Confusing myself haha.
Whatever I get accomplished in the next few days, may get a lot done today idk, I’ll put my pics on my next post.
Have a good day y’all!!
Love, Lori

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