August 13, 2017

Sex Talk-Round One

Ok so I have decided I’m tired, alone, & figured I’d write dirty shit until I fall asleep.
I’m not writing a story lol just talk about stuff ok.
Sooooo… What is your favorite sex toy ladies??? Small? Big? Vibrate? How many do you have lol? Well I have a few & my favorite is the double dildo that vibrates, that thing is awesome! Constant pleasure, y’all should get one lol! Of course you have to like anal in order to reap that kind of pleasure.
Men…. Do y’all have any toys? Just curious. Men don’t talk as much about it as women do, that’s why I’m asking lol.
Us women will talk and talk in detail hahahaha! Can’t help ourselves really, it’s a girl thing. If we talk to guys they just start staring at ya funny or think you’re a slut lol. But women can talk with each other knowing their friend isn’t thinking ‘I’m fucking her’. 😁JS
What’s your preference, indoor or outdoor? Y’all know from previous posts idggggaf where haha!
Now listen up, if you’re reading this far down… I’m not asking for sex nor do I need a man, it’s just talking ok. Me being curious of what others are up to & I’m bored lol.
Where’s the craziest place you ever had sex? Me.. On a jet ski on the water heehee.
Um let me think…….
What about the most romantic place you’ve ever had sex? Me.. It’s not where you’d think …. In the bed inside of strong arms that make me feel beautiful & feel like a somebody.
Oh I know, how often do you masterbate??? Hmmm? Haha. Me.. Not answering lol.
Women, what turns you on the most when you and your man are just getting started? Me.. Kisses & being fingered to start it off.
I still want to know if the hype about fucking in the rain is fun or not. In my head it sounds fun as long as there’s no lightening lol.
Recently I have been exploring I guess you could say. Same ole thing gets boring after awhile. Honestly been putting myself to new levels. Hard to explain really lol. I read a lot and just doing different things to bring me up a few levels. Not saying what haha just doing it for myself.
Oh well I’m out of questions lol. Goodnight people!
Love, Lori

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