August 13, 2017

Mending My Heart

Hey everyone! Hope y’all are having a good day. I’m stuck at work but I’m ok, having an alright day. Mostly because I refuse to allow myself to sit & ponder on things I can’t control anyway. Every time I start I just make myself go do something or I’ll start singing & get a song stuck in my head lol.
I am also quitting on hating my house lol. I’ve been fixing stuff up & enjoying & being thankful I have a home. I was so proud when I first got it but I let everything get to me & I started hating. It’s not a very pretty house but it’s my house & I done it by myself. Doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. I don’t see anyone putting me up so opinions don’t damn matter.
Right here on this paragraph…. I just got back on here to work on this post on my break. It’s funny how a ‘little’ something tells a ‘big’ story, I’ve been pissed off the past hour & I kept myself busy working until I somewhat calmed down. I now develop this fuck it attitude towards things I don’t understand or know the whole story to. I ain’t got time to waste on people that ……………………….👈 A bunch of cuss words there.
I’m not saying I don’t still get pissed the hell off, I just try to deal with things a little different because I don’t want to stroke out over people that don’t give two fucks about me. They ain’t worth it.
BUT that ‘little’ something just kept me from making a complete fool of myself, kinda thankful for it.
This started out to be a happier post haha dammit… Lol. Oh well, I tried I swear I did. Just makes the title have more meaning & power behind it because I really now have to pay extra attention to my heart. I had my heart set on doing something & now I can’t do it. I just can’t.
On the bright side I intend to continue painting in my kitchen tonight. It helps me somehow to keep my mind focused on something else.
I guess this will be an all day post because I have to get back to work again lol. Hopefully I’ll calm down even more before I get back on here.
I’m back lol… Ok I’m a little calmer but only because I’m keeping to myself. Just trying to get this work day over with so I can go hide in my woman cave. Only place I can truly be myself & hide from idiots or the people that seem to think I’m an idiot. I got two more hours of work left then I’m hauling ass home. I’ll be back later lol….
I’m back hehe. Ok I’m even calmer now mostly because I only got 30 more minutes left of the work day… Yay!!
The stuff I got upset about is just that.. Stuff. Only my diary can hear the details lol.
Annnnywaaay… Lol. I’m also going to build a shelf for my bathroom. A chop saw would be nice to have. I’m having to build everything ‘boxy’ because I can’t cut angles.
Well I’ll talk to y’all tomorrow! 🙂
Love ya’s, Lori
P. S. Mending my heart doesn’t just mean with people, it’s everything.

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