August 10, 2017

Things You Should Never Do! 

I wrote a post not just an hour ago and it deleted itself because I forgot to turn the wifi back on and it couldn’t save it…uggghh! 
I have so many post ideas to write about for both blogs I’m going to have to start jotting them down before I forget lol. But hey at least I’m thinking again! 

So as the title says ‘Things you should never do’. I’ve learned a lot over the past year to year n a 1/2. Sad I had to go through hell and heartaches to understand but that’s where we learn from right?? 
So here are some things I am feeling strongly about lately. My focus and mindset have changed. 

  • Don’t fall for just anybody 
  • Don’t tell just ‘anyone’ your secrets 
  • Don’t let people walk all over you
  • Stay away from those that irritate you rather than just trying to tolerate them
  • Don’t believe everything you hear
  • If you sense you’re around bad people, just remove yourself from the equation 
  • Don’t!…fall in love with someone who wants everyone 
  • Make sure you have your own back
  • No matter how bad you want to post a meme about something, just don’t, at least try not to lol
  • Never trust people who make you question them everyday 
  • Remove negative, hurtful, rude, backstabbing, two faced, liars & cheaters from your life 
  • YOU can’t change no one
  • Focus on yourself 
  • When something feels off…IT IS
  • SILENCE says A LOT! 

I’m getting real good at not wanting to say anything about myself anymore to anyone. It’s kinda sad that I feel this way now but maybe it’ll leave room for better posts instead of alllowing just anyone in on my life. I used to like to post foods I’ve cooked on Facebook and now I don’t even want to share that. Could be I’m just fed up or putting my walls back up but whatever the reason I’m ok with it. 
I used to be very private about my life before but I wanted to express myself and share it with the world. Now?…Nope, not happening! Some will miss me and regret not keeping me close, oh well. The two most important people in my life are my two sons. They know everything and anything about me, my life, my future, etc. they’re my best friends. They’re the only ones that need to know. 
If a man wants to get to know me for real…cool, but let’s just say it’s gonna be a long road for them before I trust enough for someone too. 

I used to be fairly open talking to people but now I’m using different phrases to avoid my personal life. 
Sound mean? Sorry. At some point, life and people just try to overtake you and make you out to be something your not and drag you down with them. That’s where me being strong kicks in and kicks ass. 
I still enjoy the fiction love and sex stories. I know it’s been awhile lol. They’re not so quick to write like these regular posts. If it isn’t wrote correctly it’s garbage. Check out my new blog too…’Porch Tales 101′, it’s still me just without cussing and sex talk so that all ages can read safely. 

Well goodnight, it’s 1:30 am right now & I’m  dozing off lol. Thank you for visiting my blog, I appreciate it! Have a great day today! 
Love, Lori

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