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Letter From A Friend

So sweet!
Baby, I’m writing you because I want to tell you girl that you’re just spinning out of control. Slow down. Take a deep breath & remember why you chose this life. Stop letting things get to you like you do & stop letting those jerks destroy your pretty little heart. I don’t know who they are & I don’t care to, you have to put a stop to it. Get rid of them for good. They’re childish & cruel for treating you like they do. You deserve so much better than that. They’re idiots for not realizing the beautiful person that you are. When you have the strength to just let go of them & the things bothering you, you will be free my dear. Free from the aggravation & heartache. So just let go. Girl you are so beautiful inside & out, don’t let this cruel world & the heartless people make you believe anything other than that. Some people just don’t know what to do with a woman like you. You’re pure & loving just like your mom. Other women are jealous. You have so much to offer that it makes them sick I bet. The men are lucky, for the ones that have had your arms wrapped around their neck to feel your love but too stupid to keep you there. That’s their loss baby not yours, they’re dumb asses. I’m sure they already regret it. You should never allow anyone I mean not anyone, bosses, family, friends, guys, or even strangers treat you less than what you deserve. Start taking that attitude of yours & kick some ass! Baby if you have to be alone until the right man comes along & the right friends as well, so be it. Don’t you accept less just to have someone in your life. I know you, you don’t sleep around anymore, and you’ve never done people wrong like they do you, don’t give in just to be able to feel something girl. Don’t give into loneliness. When you do baby it’s just lust. It’s just the loneliness in you wanting someone so bad that you would do anything to just feel. I’m glad you’re still ignoring messages from men, it will only cause you aggravation trying to talk to everyone. I know you are nice but I’m glad you put your foot down on the messaging. It’s ok to be alone girl, it’s ok to not have friends, it’s ok you’re no longer part of a big family. It’s ok your boys are grown. It’s ok that it’s just you baby. Keep fighting & don’t stop. Keep pushing yourself until you get to where you want to be. Do not give up Lori! Remember you are a fighter, you’re a very strong woman. Nothing has been just handed to you, you have busted your ass for everything. Don’t listen to the cruel words your hearing & those ugly messages. They just don’t understand how a woman can be so strong & stand on her own like you do. You better not let them or the junk you deal with knock you down, that’s not the Lori I know. Lori I’ve told you a hundred times if I was available to take care of you I would. But I know we don’t view each other as nothing but friends & that’s awesome. I’m happy to have such a good friend like you & I’m worried about you. Get up & dry those eyes. Don’t stroke out girl from the stress. Smoke you a big one & say to hell with it. Get up the next day & try again. And eat something! You’re losing weight again baby. Eat! You still going to the gym? If so you need to eat normal to gain muscles, you know that. Just keep holding on Lori, you are going to be alright. I believe right along with you that those blogs will take off soon. I know you hate those mills so I do believe you’ll get to where you want to be, just don’t give up you hear me? Don’t! Sorry it’s been so long since we’ve talked. Take care baby, have a great day & shine with that beautiful smile of yours!!!
P.S. Remember who you are not what people make you out to be. Thanks for being a good friend Lori.
Had to share, I got permission lol. Made me cry.

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