August 9, 2017

What makes a woman sexy?

Hi friends!!!!
How are y’all doing today? Good I hope. Me..well, blah lol. Wanted to say a few words before I start on the reason I’m writing this post. First off, no I did not find the snake! It’s driving me nuts but at the same time I’ve been through so much, I look at it like ‘well it is what it is’, guess I have a snake now hahaha. Second, I’ve come to a point to where I’m not really sure what my next step is. Being single you have to figure everything out by yourself & this one sucks. I’m in between on making this decision. Hopefully after I get done writing this I can sit down & brain storm this here issue I have. 
Now getting to what I want to write about. 
‘What makes a woman sexy? 
*Well let me tell you, looks ain’t it! You may think so but truth is that no matter who it is your crazy about, they’ll look good to you in your eyes regardless. 
And portraying themselves as a whore isn’t sexy at all. Talking about who they sleep with & plan on sleeping with. 
The way some women carry themselves is flat out disgusting. I absolutely cannot stand to be around such women. Whether we like it or not, whores make us all look like whores in men’s eyes & so does the media. Like we’re all supposed to dress like sluts & bend over when a man wants you. 
*True sexiness is from within. You have to love yourself & it will show. It’s in the way you walk, the way you view your own self, taking care of yourself in all ways, & not sleeping around. 
Ok so if a man has two women to choose from. One is a good looking hoe, one is a good looking ‘not hoe’. Lol. Anyway, the man will choose the hoe because she’s easier with no questions asked, he doesn’t want to waste his time & money & effort to get the good stuff….which makes him not really a man, more like a boy. Real men will put in the effort because they know most likely you’ll be faithful & not ate up with a disease. It takes a real man to spot a real woman. Men who are losers will flirt & attempt to get a good woman & doing so by flirting with her like he would a hoe but ‘women’ will ignore them, little girls will not who are just seeking attention. 
Alright, enough bashing whores haha. Although they make it a little difficult to live in this world with, we ‘women’ must never stoop to their level, just be patient, there’s men who don’t play that shit either. 
*Confidence is a major, major sexiness that will have you look at your own self like Damn! When you have confidence in yourself, you’re unstoppable & beautiful. Walk with that head high but don’t walk on others because that’s stooping to a hoes level-competition. Being kind to others & respecting others is very tasteful. Even smile to the faces that can’t stand you. You’re not being two faced, you are simply not being like them all grouchy assed & miserable. Show them you’re happy & make them wonder. Confidence is not sexual but makes you very sexy. 
*Spend a little more time on pampering yourself. You must take of your body as well. Eat right, exercise, walk around with that face mask at night. It shows you care about yourself. Do it! 
*Don’t show off your assets with skimpy clothing. Looking good does not require you to dress like your fixing to stand on a corner somewhere to sell yourself. Real men will notice & like the look of a woman who respects herself, it makes you mysterious as well for those who actually want to take the time to get to know you first & not learn the feel of your sheets more than they know you. 
*A woman who has passion in everything she does is sexy. Men notice, don’t think they don’t. Even during actual sex, a woman will throw so much passion on you, you won’t be able to get enough of her. Difference between a woman & a hoe is, hoes may be good in bed but get ahold of some of that passion & erotic sex a woman can put on you & you’ll never go back to a hoe. When men find these women they don’t just let them go, they know they’ll lose them if they continue to fool around because women don’t play that game. People see how much passion you put into everything. A man that is really into you will want to listen to you talk about something that you love because he’s watching you melt with your passion for it & he melts just watching & listening. Be yourself. 
*A woman who motivates & wants others to do better as well is sexy. Sex does not make you sexy. It’s you, your attitude. 
*The way she loves you. How she shows you. That deep look into your eyes she gives you without saying a word. The way her body moves against yours. Don’t ignore it, you may lose it because if she feels you don’t appreciate her or love her back…she’s gone. 
I know I mentioned quite a bit about whores but it’s because that’s a major flaw to have. You’re no longer a woman if you’re sleeping with everything, you simply become an attention go getting whore. Is that an image you want people to view you as? Nope, didn’t think so & me neither! I don’t sleep around because I respect myself enough. I only date one at a time. But once I’m disrespected or cheated on-I’m gone. Got to respect yourself, it’s SEXY. 
And yes I view those that sleep around as boys or girls because that’s what alot of us did when we were teenagers–kids. Learning & wanting to have experiences. Men & women that have grown up & respect their self no longer continue that life. Sorry but that’s the truth. 
Have a great day people! And women, if you’re not feeling quite like you should, get up & make yourself take care of you. Look in that mirror & tell yourself you’re confident until it shows. You don’t need approval from others, just yourself. You are beautiful. You are the shit. You are better than whatever is ruining you. You are in control of your happiness. You, You, You. 
Love, Lori 

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