August 8, 2017

Good Morning

It’s not so good for me. I have another big snake in my house!!!!!!!! Sucks ass, real snakes, human snakes, I can’t get away from snakes! I woke up & went to pee this morning. I was sitting there & looked around & seen the snake sitting in my shower. I was actually scoping the bathroom out for spiders, seems to be one every damn morning. I had no problem getting the hell out of there!! I think I’m going to use the money that I was going to use to get rent caught up & just rent out some storage units, I can’t live here. I don’t have enough money to move on so that’s really all I can do. Maybe stay at cheap motels until I get the money up I guess. But at least I won’t lose my things. I’ll have to just sleep/shower here n there until I find a place.
I really don’t understand why I keep going through hell. It’s one thing after another. I swear I can’t catch a break! I need a sugar daddy that don’t want no sugar. 😂
Do you ever just get tired of dealing with people? I mean, those that just cause more problems than good? Boy I am! I’m hunting like hell for another job & I refuse to even make one friend at any new jobs, I’ll keep the ones I do have. Keeping to myself keeps me out of trouble lol. Not saying all people are bad that I work with or know. Just saying I’m tired of drama & uncertainty. All that company drama is crazy, It causes too much shit. Good people seem to get caught up in the bad peoples webs, I refuse to be made a fool of by anyone & have people look at me the same way they view the bad. It makes me want to just leave town & start over lol. But…I won’t because I know the true me & those that matter do to, sobeit. Evil doesn’t win.
Even with everything going on right now for me, good or bad, I’m really close to having my blogs monetized. I already have the youtube accounts monetized now but haven’t been able to make videos. I said I’ll be successful, I wasn’t just saying it. I haven’t given up, knocked down here n there but not giving up.
I think from now on though I’m going to keep my heart to myself. It gets broken to easy & I’m tired of it. Heartache will destroy you all by itself. I’m telling y’all things but I’m no longer sharing my real personal feelings or things anymore. I don’t want to let people in anymore. I was like that for the longest, I should’ve stayed that way. I can’t trust anyone for nothing. Every time I try they show me or remind me why I should’nt or don’t.
I hope y’all have a good day. I hope I can find someone to get rid of this snake for me today. 😭
Love, Lori

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