August 1, 2017

Women Like Me

I started this post like two weeks ago. I forgot about it but after hearing some stuff today I remembered lol.
Women like me are somewhat rare, especially these days. We don’t like fancy shit. Not real big on going out to eat unless it’s a buffet or the Cracker Barrel lol. We don’t wear stuck up clothes. We don’t drive stuck up vehicles either. Our homes are not lined with expensive nonsense from one end to the other, instead we fill our homes with yard sale and bargain finds, and antiques(on the country side stuff). And those of us that are talented enough make a lot of decorations in our homes.
We treat our men right and raise our own children and don’t depend on our own mothers/others to do it for us. We work, eat, sleep, breathe, and bleed for our families.
Love who needs loved and fight whoever needs their ass whooped!
We don’t take being disrespected too lightly. We are throat punchers and knees in the nuts kinda fucking fighters.
But it’s sad that a lot of women today are..well..pussies. They’re not capable of doing much of anything. Men are cooking and raising babies because the women are sitting on their asses posting to the world how great of a wife and mother they are, but don’t play the roles. Ouch, ouch, ouch…..toes got stepped on I bet.
I’m still old school to a certain degree. I think the woman should definitely cook but it’s nice and sexy when the men take part in the kitchen as well. 😉
Why am I bashing today’s women? Well frankly because they make me sick at my stomach with statements like these. ‘I’m so tired’, ‘I’m not working that’s the mans job’, ‘Momma watched the kids today so I could relax-I needed a break’…..and so on.
Ok I’ll hush there haha. 😂😂 I’m a ‘Call you out on your shit kinda woman’!!! I don’t much care neither, I ain’t taking shit from nobody and I will not listen to nonsense either when I know damn good and well what the truth is.
Anyway, I gotta chill on the bashing and flipping out thang HaHa!
I’m going to just write it out what my likes and beliefs are, some will relate but most probably won’t.
My children:
I never left my kids…ever. I was always there, always! Every good, bad, scary or sick moment. My kids are grown now and I’d still give them the shirt off my back.
Beliefs in general:

  1. Cook
  2. Clean
  3. Raise their own damn kids
  4. Work their ass off
  5. Keep their men happy as hell (they tend not to wonder if ya take care of em). (Most)
  6. Keep peace in the family
  7. Take part in their kids activities at school & home

There’s a bunch more but that’ll do for now.
Plus, what I need/want from my man. I want dancing, cooking together, lots of snuggles and kisses. To show and make him feel my love & vice versa. If the couple ain’t working out, end it or it’ll eventually end itself.
I would rather be cuddled up on the couch then eating at a fancyish restaurant. Wearing my t-shirt & blue jeans, cutting up & snacking out…to me, that’s a date night. Show you want to be with me not just tell me.
I seriously see a lot of men who are single & have full custody of the kids…why?? Because most women today suck! I think its sad for the kids when both parents are not there for them. I know men run off too but this post is about the women. How can a woman not want anything to do with her kids? It baffles the hell out of me. Or there’s the women who never leave but are absent a lot (sleeping around), & even with her in the home, she doesn’t act like a mom or wife or even a female other than a lazy worthless hoe.
Basically sums up to a lot of them just don’t act like they should these days.

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