July 25, 2017

That's Enough  

Well I have begun to not want to share too much of anything that’s recent about me anymore….to anyone. I guess maybe I’m just done with the negative feedback or maybe it’s just people twisting everything into something else or both. So what I share today may be as about as personal as it gets for now on or at least just leaving out my problems. Just stories and good stuff going on. 
I’m at a point where I’m done, just done with everything. I despise my job and I’m damn near about to just quit period. And that I didn’t want to even share but it’s a little hard to express some things to you without saying a little bit. I truly hate that job so much I’m ready to quit without having another one lined up. It’s gonna take everything in me to go back. 
I’m not some big time great person that’s better than everyone else but I do believe I deserve better than what I’m dealing with. Every area sucks right now. And I’m done with it all. If I’m not struggling somewhere I’m getting disrespected or stabbed in the back by someone. I’m past the point of saying ‘it’s getting old’… It’s already old and I’m fed up.
Sick of fake ass, two faced people lying to me and disrespecting me all the time. If they ain’t for me and treating me right, they can go the hell on for all I care. It’s not everyone I know, but there’s an extremely small circle of people I will even talk to anymore. But even at that I’ve shut down my feelings and no longer like expressing or sharing much. 
My diary is full, full of the truths, thoughts, interests, adventures, times I was used or done wrong, forgotten. It would be really bad if some people read it but I don’t care, nothing but truths. The only thing that would bother me is that my true hearted feelings are displayed in my diary because I would feel and make myself look like a fool by expressing them for real. 
Quitting my job, turning everything off and sending everything else back I owe on, packing my bags, and just disappear for awhile……I know, it doesn’t sound logical at all but I’m just done. I can’t do it anymore nor do I have much fight left in me. 

Y’all I went to the hospital last night not knowing how bad of shape I was in…shish! Turns out I was severely dehydrated and my potassium level was dangerously low which explains a lot. I’ve noticed changes but I didn’t know it was that bad. Dehydration of course just messes you up in many ways but the lack of potassium was causing my eyes to be worse, headaches, stomach problems, muscle tingling-which has been happening and it also causes depression or if you already have it, it sets it off like hell-which is what it done to me. Plus that’s why the last few times I had sex I almost passed out for nothing. Now it all makes sense Lol. But sucks that I’ve missed more work and that puts me in further trouble, ugh! 
Back to bitching haha! I know we all have dealt or are dealing with fake ass people whether it’s family or friends. Right now I’m dealing with a fake friend, well not my friend no more. But I have given this person the upmost respect even though it’s not deserved! What do I get?…Nothing, just a continuation of disrespect. It’s funny to me though how hoes think they’re diamonds and classy, cracks me the hell up!!😂 But above all else, even if I don’t do the childish thing by kicking their ass……Karma Is A Royal Bitch!!!! I don’t take to kindly to being disrespected! It brings out a whole other level of ‘Lori the Bitch’! 

Ok I’ll hush now haha. 😁 But seriously though I’m probably not sharing anymore really personal stuff simply because of people twisting everything I say. I’m not going to quit writing and talking about my life, just leaving out the ugly details that’s all. And I love memes in case y’all ain’t noticed haha! 
I think as an adult and going through junk is worse than dealing with it when I was a teenager. Back then it ‘seemed’ like my world was falling apart, now it truly is. Life is very weird and funny and can be very unfair. 
Talk to y’all later. I’m feeling a little weak and yucky lol. Gotta go get some waters. 
Enough is Enough already….Agreed? 
Love ya, Lori 

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