July 21, 2017

Goodnight..Love Y'all 

Hey just wanted to say a few quick words because well I can express myself better by writing than I can in person lol. 
So I’m realizing and being told some of the things I write or say are coming off as a bit harsh and I apologize. I know I wrote a post the other day and I was a total bitch in it to ‘someone’ and I shouldn’t have done that. I put in it my drafts and I’ll go through those sometime and delete the ugly posts. 
I forget sometimes that everything isn’t meant for everyone to know, especially when I’m writing….I just write what’s on my heart without thinking how it may affect someone. 
So….I publicly said ugly shit about a person in that post so….I’m publicly apologizing to that person…….I AM SORRY for being an asshole to you and sorry I put it on here. 😘 ‘Person’ knows who they are🙂. 
A friend of mine messaged me today and tore into my ass (which I needed) and she’s very helpful to me. I’m gonna say a little bit, hope she don’t mind lol 😁. But she can tell what mood I’m in or if something is wrong by what I post on Facebook. If I start bashing my ‘someone’ (which I need to stop fucking doing)…or post depression stuff, like I’m giving up. She will message me ‘Stop That!!!’ I don’t know about y’all but I need her, no one else does that for me. She snaps me back into reality. And believe me being by myself I will go way the hell off in la la land! So thank you my friend😊. 
Ok I’m going to bed now, probably gonna be working at my part time job tomorrow I had a little while back so I need sleep. 
Love you guys and gals….and thanks for reading and watching my videos and commenting! I feel the love! ❤️
Love, Lori 

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