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Good Afternoon:)

How are y’all doing today? I’m bored and being lazy as usual lol. Tried mowing for two days with no luck, my push mower has almost blew up. It’s idled high and won’t idle down, it has literally shook parts off including the muffler. I give up and can’t get nobody to mow it for me either ugh. Oh well. Lol.
Look I’m in a mean ass bitchy mood today, it’s taking everything I have to not run my mouth. On facebook I watch the same routine repeat itself, it’s kinda funny and ridiculous at the same time. There’s a couple of men I see it happening from(& they’re all married). They all ‘friend’ a girl then start liking all their pics and some from way back and I’m sure they’re messaging them as well hoping for a bite lol. It cracks me up that they’re that desperate or can’t control themselves, whatever it is. I’m sure I’m stepping on toes on this one, but it’s the truth.But look…. If I’m anybody’s second or third or on down the line that you talk to, just leave me alone I’m done with fuckboys. I wanna be someone’s first not their ‘do in a pinch’ cause somebody else ain’t giving up the pussy for them when they want it. Get it? Good.. Lol.
Anyway. Anybody got any ideas on how to make money quick? And no I can’t take on another job. I’m sick of the same cycle with these bills. Putting one off to pay another, borrow here for that one, cut this off or do without…. Grrrrrr I’m over it I tell ya lol.
I’m going to try.. not promise to write a good story tonight if I don’t pass out from boredom. I’m not a ho so I don’t get dick whenever and that causes me to be tore the hell up and that is when I can write them stories the best. Ain’t saying I don’t get it lol I do, and I can at the drop of a hat but I just don’t. I’m picky hehe.
And also I watch a lot of women, not like you’re thinking lol. I watch them because some I know personally, some I don’t, some I ain’t even friends with, and some are full of shit. They got their life then their facebook life hahaha, sorry, told ya I was in a mean bitchy mood today. All that whoring around and fakeness just get a to me lol. What you read or see on here or on my facebook is just me, on social media and in person. I don’t get why people lie so much and pretend they’re something they’re not. I do post pics from snapchat that are filtered but if you look through my pics they’re plenty that’s normal, I ain’t hiding nothing. I’m about as real as it gets and I write the same way as you can tell haha, ain’t afraid to call somebody out on their lies and bullshit.
Ok I’m gonna get off here and quit bitching… Maybe Haha!

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