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Private Photo Session

Holly had recently broke up with her boyfriend. The break up was pretty rough on her. To say the least she wasn’t his only girlfriend. The whole thing made her feel bad about herself inside and out. Holly had been pretty down about it all and her bff suggested for her to do a private photo session with a contact she uses for her brides to be. Holly’s friend runs a wedding planning business.
Holly asked her friend, how is that supposed to help me? Her friend told her to just trust her and that she would set it up for her. Holly had no idea what her friend was up to. No idea!
A couple of days went by and Holly’s friend text messaged her the time and date of the photo session which was the next day at 1pm. Holly thought to herself that this was crazy and ridiculous. Later that night Holly went through her clothes looking for something to wear for the pictures having no idea she wasn’t going to need any clothing.
The next day, Holly ran some errands before the photo session since she was off work. She had brought some outfits with her to wear. When she arrived she was a bit nervous because she’d never had professional pictures done before. She turned off her car and grabbed her bag with the outfits and headed inside.
When she entered she couldn’t help but notice how romantic the place smelled. She wanted to know what that scent was. Her thoughts were interrupted by a very nice looking man who welcomed her and said you must be Holly. She said yes, yes I’m Holly with her shaky voice. He told her there’s no need to be nervous and my name is Mike. Mike pointed the way towards the studio and said right this way beautiful. Holly thought…beautiful? What? And laughed to herself.
When she entered the studio it felt strange like there was some vibes she wasn’t sure of. Mike assured her everything is going to go just fine. He took her bags and sat them aside. Holly was pointing at her bags and said my outfits are in there, shouldn’t I get them out? Mike smiled and said no sweetheart I have that covered. He asked her if she has ever posed nude before and Holly gasped. She said no and I don’t plan on it. Mike stood in front of her and took her hands, looked her in the eyes and said there’s no one here but me and you can relax. Holly told him her friend didn’t say anything about nude photos. He smiled and said I know, she told me you would try to run lol. Holly halfway laughed.
Mike said I’ve taken 100’s of nude photos along with my regular work. But darling you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes. I’ve seen a lot of women come in here but you are different. You’re so beautiful in a way that it’s taking my breath. Holly was speechless. No one has ever spoke to her like that, she don’t know how to take it. She was so attracted to him and he seemed to feel the same way. Holly asked him if he talks to all the women that come in here like that and he said no baby girl I sure don’t, just you because you have a beautiful soul and body. Holly told him you don’t even know me how can you know? Mike told her he could sense it.
Mike placed Holly in front of the camera standing on what looks like sheets and they were hanging all behind her too. She thought it kinda feels nice and exciting. Mike stood behind the camera and started taking pictures. Holly said I’m not ready. Mike said just be you and slowly remove one article of clothing at a time. Holly was speechless and freaked out a bit but for some reason she really wanted to do it. It was exciting and erotic. She kicked off her shoes and started unbuttoning her shirt. Mike was absolutely attracted to this woman and was just as excited and nervous but he wouldn’t let her see it.
She pulled her shirt off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor, Mike swallowed hard. He told her to just sway or twirl around to the music that was playing in the background. Holly slightly swayed her hips and turned around to unzip her skirt and let it drop to the floor. Mike raised up and looked over the camera at her, he wanted her so badly. He got back in position before she turned around. Holly standing there in her bra and panties with her heart pounding as she’s unhooking her bra. It too drops to the floor and Mike’s loosing it behind the camera. Holly turned around and slowly swayed her hips as she slowly pulled her panties down bending all the way down to remove them. She raised up and looked towards the camera as she turned to face him forward then removed the clip from her beautiful long hair that fell so seductively. Mike got a drink of water and thought damn and knew he had to be against this woman. He put the camera on record and walked up to her. Holly standing there naked and nervous she asks what are you doing? Mike caressed the side of her face and leaned in to kiss her, she kissed back.
They kissed like they’ve known each other all along. Holly was pulling at his clothes trying to take them off. Both naked Mike kisses her neck and her breasts, sucking on them gently. Kisses down her stomach and kisses her inner thighs while caressing her and rubbing her legs. He begins licking her pussy, running his tongue up and down. Flicking her clit with his tongue and sucking on it with a little pressure. Sliding his tongue inside of her pussy tasting her and she’s so wet, he couldn’t get enough.
Mike walks behind her pulling her hair aside kissing on the back of her neck and she could feel his body touching her from behind. He placed one hand on her upper back bending her over. He kneels down and licks her pussy from behind and stroking his tongue in and out of her, loving the taste and feel of her. He kisses her ass all over and starts flicking his tongue on her asshole, licking there while fingering her pussy. Holly was barely able to hold herself up, no one has ever licked on her like that before and she loved it and didn’t want him to stop.
Both on the floor. Kissing and touching. Holly is slowly sucking on his dick…deep throating him. Mike lays back enjoying how good she was making him feel. Slowly sucking back to the tip allowing her lips to run with the feel of his dick to the head and she starts kissing her way back to his lips.
While kissing his neck she’s rubbing her wet pussy on his dick, he’s so hard. He’s quietly moaning. She kisses her way back to his dick, sucking harder and licking and sucking on his nuts. She was curious, never done it before but she got lower and started licking below his nuts and he was enjoying it. She kept licking til she reached his ass and he seemed to love that too.
Mike laid her down and put the head of his dick in her pussy, in and out slowly to tease her. He laid on her kissing her as he slid all the way inside her pussy causing them both to moan. Mike thought he might pass out because she felt unbelievably good. Faster and faster, Holly was already cumming, sounds of her really wet pussy while he fucked her was hot. He turned her over and pounded her doggy style causing her to scream.
While still inside of her he sits back and pulls her on top of him riding him backwards. He grabs her ass and lifts her, she lifts herself up a bit and they both pound as hard as they could until they both cummed together, he was covered in her cum where her pussy squirted all over him. Holly was rubbing her cum on his nuts right after he finished while he was rubbing her back. They definitely fell asleep quickly after for a good long nap.
Holly had never experienced such pleasure before nor treated like she was a beautiful queen. It brought a whole other side of her out that she didn’t know existed. She loved it. She wanted more.
They ended up being a couple, they were perfect for each other in so many ways, they just clicked. But they do however have their first video he recorded of them in a safe place to cherish of that erotic day in the studio.

Lori Hensley

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