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Hey People 😊

Well I hope y’all are having a good day! It’s been raining where I live. Annnd it’s my weekend off! I’m so glad cause I’m so tired lol. 
Wanted to let ya know that before the weekend is up I promise to write a dirty story. A bunch of ya have asked when am I gonna write again so look for it this weekend. I wish I had a real adventure to write about but I don’t..sorry 😔. 
And omg I want to thank all of y’all for the uplifting and encouraging words I’m getting from so many of you and also I’m in awe at how many love to read my stuff. I’m so happy y’all enjoy it……Thank You!!!!!❤️ Y’all make my day! 

And yes I’m still standing and making it lol. It’s just day by day but it’s something right? 
So, I found out that more rumors are spread about me today. I won’t say who, where, what or when but they’re just words. Bitches can’t keep their mouths shut for nothing….idgaf hahahaha!! Whatever 😂. 
Well I’ll have that story on here sometime soon. Have a great rest of the day!! 

Lori Hensley

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