June 16, 2017

Goodnight People 😴😴

This won’t be long lol, I’m exhausted. Just wanted to say hi and that I hope y’all are having a great day and have a great weekend. I am working on an addition to Ms.Badass, so look for when I post it, it’ll be on my facebook wall when I do.
I have a question though. Why do bad, lazy, sorry ass people always get the best of everything? But us people that busts our asses everyday struggle? I know it’s just how it is but it ain’t right. I just need a break for crying out loud lol. 
Welcome to the new readers who have told me they like my blog. Thankyou 😊. 
I posted on facebook earlier about when your so mad you just laugh….it got some responses lol. But that’s how everything and everybody is causing me to be like. I’ve dealt with so much shit I sometimes can’t cry or get mad, I either just sit there numb or laugh…it’s an evil laugh lol but ya know. 
Well that’s all I got, I’m so tired from working and working out which I’m still sticking too lol. It’s got every muscle on me sore as hell! But that’s alright, I want to be toned up. 
Goodnight people! 
Love, Lori 

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