June 9, 2017

Such a quite Day 😊

Hi everybody! How are y’all doing …hmmm?? Lol. I’m bored to death here. I wish I was able to have worked today instead of sitting here. 
I woke up around 5:30 this morning and I literally stayed in bed til 1:30. I napped here n there the whole time. I just didn’t see no reason to get up lol. It’s funny or lazy, however you wanna look at it but truth is I simply just didn’t want face the day. I don’t do it as much as I was but I have days where I just wanna hide somewhere. It’s hard to be alone and even harder trying to learn to cope with it and find yourself. Finding your own way to live and deal with life. I’m sure I’m not the only one, I know there’s several of my followers in the same boat. We seem to understand each other fully where as others can only sympathize with us. It’s a rough life but we’ll make it even though it don’t look like it, I continually hope so anyway. 
Y’all know I’ve mentioned time n time again I’m having financial problems. And I’m very independent and hate asking for help but I’ve come to the deciding factor that I have no choice. I made a gofundme account. It took me forever to do it because I would close it out and just say well if I worked 3 jobs for this amount of time I wouldn’t have to do that……y’all I can’t work 3 jobs lol. I haven’t shared it Facebook even though it keeps telling me to, I’m embarrassed I really am. It’s a pride thing and accepting defeat…..Ugh. Here’s the link if you wanna check it out or share it with your friends. I’d appreciate it a lot.   https://www.gofundme.com/3wj8syw
I’m now in the tub haha, might be here for another hour. Probably won’t get much of nothing done today. I thought how or what could I sell today but I ain’t got nothing but a deep freezer and nobody will buy it so I guess I’m stuck with it lol. Maybe one day I’ll get rich and fill it up😁. 
I want to write another addition to the Ms.Badass later if I don’t get to damn lazy lol. I seriously thought about making it into a book. I’d have to improve what I’ve already wrote and add a bunch more scenes to it. It would be a good book I think. Definitely erotic πŸ˜‰. Like I’ve said before, if it don’t tear me all to hell I won’t publish it on here. The more I get turned on by writing the stories the sexier they turn out. If I’m sad or mad they may end up with me killing some dude hahahaπŸ˜‚. 
I appreciate all the old & new followers, thanks so much! Love you people! 
Y’all have a great rest of the day! I’m going finish chilling in the tub Lol. 
Love, Lori πŸ’‹

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