June 6, 2017

Life Is Too Short 𗀂

Well good morning everyone! I hope your day is awesome. It’s my day off & I’m going  to look for a part time job. I know I’ve been a pretty negative person on here lately. It’s hard to stay positive when so much is thrown at you. I’m doing a little better..mentally & emotionally anyway. Finances still suck lol. But I’m working on that, I’m studying & working a full time job & looking for another part time job now. It’ll get better, it has to. 
Anyway I wanted to say that life is too short. I have nothing but time on my hands to sit & think. And when you really think about things it’s kinda scary but idk how to explain it really. We’re only here for a little while & time flies by. And so many of us including myself put up with people & situations that make us miserable. Why do we do that? Lol, who knows, I think it’s because we were taught from a young age to ‘wait’. To wait for everything to come your way, to wait for the perfect person to come into your life. Work a job for 10-20 years waiting for that right position. Blah blah blah! 
I’m done waiting! Idk about y’all but I ain’t getting any younger and I want to enjoy life. You can’t take nothing or no one with you when you die, so enjoy everything & everyone NOW.  

  • Enjoy that cup of coffee when you get up. Eat what you want.
  • Don’t make enough money? Figure something out.
  • Want to buy that vehicle or house? Make it work, do it. Why wait til your too old to care?
  • In an impossible relationship? Leave.
  • People around you that make you miserable? Get rid of them. 
  • Like your job but not the people? Tell them to stay away from you, why not? 
  • Wanna kiss that girl/guy you have your eye on? Do it, they might feel the same way. 
  • Wanna be with someone else? Do it. 
  • Wanna visit that place you dream of? Do it.
  • Wanna do something you’ve dreamed of all your life? Do it. 
  • Wanna fuck someone else? Um…Do it. 
  • Wanna smash that computer that pisses you off? Take a hammer to it-Do it. 
  • Take a walk, enjoy everything you see. 
  • Take a bath instead of a shower, relax. 
  • Can’t cook but wanna, learn. 
  • Don’t have the nerve to do nothing? Let go & just fucking do it! 
  • Whatever or whoever it is that makes you happy or makes your heart skip a beat….go for it! Life is way too short to sit back & just see if things pan out. Y’all know I’m right. 

I could make that list 3 pages long lol but I won’t. I’m serious though, have you ever stopped and thought about any of this? About how we’re programmed to think by the world? How we should do or act because that’s what everyone else does, an everyday boring ass routine. We’ve learned to just deal with shit that makes us unhappy instead of doing shit that makes us happy. I’m not saying go buck ass fucking wild & quit your jobs or marriages but if they ain’t working…. But I’m saying why not do something that makes us happy for a change? I’m just as sick of the every day bullshit as y’all are too. 
Just think about it, all of it for a moment. What could you change? Who makes you happy? Where would you like to be or go? Who would you rather be cuddled up to? Just think about for real. Life is short! Why be miserable? Don’t let money & people & situations change your thinking. 
Even if it seems impossible to you right now to change things….it’s not trust me. I’ve been there done that for many years so I know & I have made some major changes in my life over the last yearish. 
Well everybody I hope you have great day! And remember take a moment to just look at your life and take it all in….is any of it making you happy? 
Love ya!

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