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Good Evening 😘

Hi y’all! I’ve had a pretty good day so far. Back to work tomorrow but I’m starting to not mind it much, at least I’m around people for most of the day. 
My finances are in bad shape and so is some other areas of my life but I’m still kicking and I will not give up. Momma taught me to work hard, fight hard, love hard, and never give up on anything! But she wasn’t able to express how hard it was gonna be, I know now. 
I’m working hard at studying for something but I’m not gonna say what it is until I get it.  It’s just something I wanna try and I’ll make a lot more money at it. I’m a hell of a learner. 𗀔
I might be a loner right now. Some days it sucks ass, other days not so much. I do get to have adventures though which is nice. I do get to do whatever the fuck I want too and with who I want. Like last night after that spider being on me…😳😳…I couldn’t sleep. I was up and dancing at 2am haha. Woooo fuck it!❤️ Those are moments I’m loving like hell. I can be myself all I want. It’s just when days go by and I see no one it sucks. And it sucks when I go to bed…every night. I don’t even have to be cuddled up, just stick a finger in something just so I know ya near haha😂😂😂.  I’m sorry that was just not right to say….no I’m not sorry lol, that’s me being me. 
I am going to try to stay off Facebook and attempt to get some sleep tonight IF those damn creatures will leave me alone! 
Short n sweet 😍. Goodnight y’all!

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