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Taking a break for a bit

I’m sorry but I can’t write anymore of this sad depressing shit I’m going through. Which means I can’t write. If I can come up with a positive story or something I will post that. But the more I write about it the more I think about it all. And I just spent close to 6 hours of being in complete terror. 
I guess it was panic attacks, that’s what it seemed/sounded like. I’ve never had one like that before an it scared the hell out of me. My bed is pushed up against two walls, in the corner and I sat in that corner almost the entire time. Scared, numb, shaking, crying, smothering, freaking out all at the same time. I was crying for somebody or anybody to show up. This shit is getting real and affecting me real bad. That’s why I’m taking a break. Something’s gotta give somewhere or I’m putting all my shit back in a storage unit and living out of my truck…fuck this life. 
I made a video earlier today before the panic attack. The link is below, hope it works right. See y’all later

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