May 27, 2017

Good Evening Everyone 

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! My facebook is flooded with posts and pics of kids graduating and families having fun. It’s so sweet to see all the fun and love. Just awesome! 
I have to say it’s sad for me, sorry but it is. My kids are grown and they do their own thing. I’m sitting here alone looking at it all on facebook and I just started bawling. It hurts so bad to have to sit here alone. It’s like I don’t have family anymore. 
It hurts so bad at just the thought of wanting to wrap my arms around someone and cuddle up to them…to be held. Ya just don’t understand how bad I need it. 
I seriously can’t wait until I’m over all this emotional shit. I’m getting tired of hurting and actually tired of writing about it. And I’m sure y’all are tired of hearing it. Lol
I’m sitting here watching Netflix and done made myself sick with pie and ice cream. Ugh. It’s only 9 and I’m ready to go to bed already. If I’m asleep I don’t hurt and don’t know I’m alone, seems like the best thing to do lol. 
Anyway I’m not gonna keep writing because I’m all sad and shit and I’ll just keep going with it. Have a great night everyone! 

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