May 26, 2017

My Lazy Day 𗀽

Thought I would write some since I’m doing absolutely nothing but laying here staring out the window lol. It’s really relaxing and peaceful though. Kinda hot but oh well, I got my fan blowing on me. 
I have so much racing through my mind it’s crazy. I don’t know how I’m gonna make it either and quite frankly I don’t give a damn today. I got up, took a bath and got fixed up for nothing other than to lay around. Story of my life ugh. Whatever I’ll just keep myself occupied I suppose-I’m getting used to it. 
Don’t ya kinda have this love/hate feeling when you catch somebody lying to you? Like your glad you found out but at the same time you’re extremely disappointed? Honestly for me it doesn’t surprise me anymore, I mostly look at it like ‘That all you got m’f ???’. That’s ok though, they can do what they do but will not do it to me again. I’ve reached an enormous level of Fuck It & Fuck You that you would not believe. Finding out things/lies/deception is bad enough but when they expect you to believe them it’s another. 
I’m still loving the private journal app I have. It feels so good to say things I can’t tell anyone at all. And to cuss out every mother fucker I want too!!! Ahhhhh so relieving!! It’s actually too relieving because certain people are becoming more clear to me by me venting which means they may lose their spot in my life. Yea my phones will have to be buried with me no doubt. I know too much and say too much and oh at the screenshots that are proof of lies. 
And those people have caused me to not want or care anymore. 
They don’t give a rats ass about my feelings. Why should I care about their needs? 
Enough of that junk for today. 
I love my new puppy, she’s so tiny and cute. She does have a big mouth though lol, done woke me up from my nap. But I’m so lonely I have to have animals at least around me. They force me to have to get up and take care of them which is good for me because I would lay here and die. Oh and I’m getting a bunny too, excited about that too! 
It’s funny how animals excite me more than humans. I can trust them. And they love me unconditionally. 
I really need…..ya know𗀄,I’m jk. I used to get banged like hell all the time. I don’t anymore. Guess others are better than me. I used to feel wanted and cared for but that’s all gone now. 
Yes it’s a poor little me day. It’s my day why not? LOL 
Y’all have great rest of the day. I’m gonna continue to be lazy. 

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