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Good Morning people! I’m hoping for a better day at work. Hell I’m hoping for a better job or the winning lottery numbers haha! Well y’all I woke up this morning with an attitude from hell. I even told myself off lol. I decided I don’t care who what or when try’s to get in my way of my happiness I will get rid of people and things. I’ve spent too many nights crying and worrying. I no longer give a DAMN if I’m being lied too, used like hell, talked about, made fun of, etc. They can do what they do but the thing is, is that I will win in the end. They will just go away. Life has a way of sorting shit out for you. I’m too busy and too mature to deal with other people’s bullshit. Ain’t not a damn one are paying any of my bills so the way I see it is they ain’t worth being on mind or keeping me awake at night. 
I get blindsided at times and all wrapped up in feelings but the truth is I’m too damn good for most. Not conceited…..Truth! I’m just as important as anyone else. And some are purposely making me feel like shit and make me think twice about myself. Fuck You! Screwing me over behind my back, lying like hell to me thinking I won’t find out. News flash…I’ve already found out shit on a couple of people that have no clue I know anything. But point is I don’t care anymore. Unless you make a special point to be in my life you probably won’t be much longer because I will not beg or plead for anyone to stay. But once I’m done, I’m fucking done.
Ok with all that said hahaha… yes I’m good this morning. A little moody but I’m making it. I’m just sick n tired of begging people to notice me and really tired of financial troubles. I’ve got to put my foot down and do something about it all. If your not making me happy, you’ll know because you’ll not hear from me anymore. 
Well I gotta get to work….ugh😩. Last day then I’m free for the weekend yay!! Have a great day everyone!
Love, Lori😝

Lori Hensley

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