May 24, 2017

Morning 😊

It’s early but I’m up lol. I went to sleep earlier than normal last night regardless of how I was feeling and all the junk on my mind. It took me from 7:30 -9:30 though before I fell asleep lol.  So much racing through my mind. Some people I know act like I don’t have no problems or that their problems are worse and it pisses me off. 
Let me tell ya if something don’t give or I don’t run into some big money quick I’m in serious damn trouble. It’s suffocating me. 
And I’ve had several people tell me to let these toxic assholes in my life just go….get em outta my life. They’re right I need to. All they do is lie and hurt me anyways. What good are they to have around. If I’m sad or mad more than happy, then they’re obviously not doing anything right or good for me. 
But it’s early and I don’t wanna think about all that right now really. I’m just gonna go with the day and try to ‘Not try so hard’ if you get it. Overthinking just gives me a headache anyway. 
Besides everything coming at me….I started a diary and I kinda like it because I can actually write down my true feelings about people and stuff and write their names down. Feels kinda good to basically dog them and cuss them out. If certain people get ahold of my phone they’re gonna be pissed haha. But I do like it. I can be my true self in that diary. I say all the things I can’t say on here. 
And I started an exercise challenge Monday and it goes til next Monday. Hoping for some good results. Only two days and I’m so sore all over I can’t hardly move lol. But I gotta do something for myself, money and men are driving me insane! If I could get richer and just drop the men I’d be a lot damn happier. I’m really only wanting one of them but it’s one sided I think. Oh well…what do I say? Lol…fuck it. I’ll be missed I promise you, from what I can tell I’m missed by the others. I guess people like to take me for granted until I walk the fuck off then they realize oh shit she’s gone. It ain’t real easy to find someone to take care of you, fuck the shit out of you, and remain faithful as well. I’m one of a kind and apparently there’s not too many like me. Go ahead let me go….I don’t go back, remember that. 
Hahaha wow I went right on with that…sorrrrry. 😁! I am gonna attempt to write another episode of Ms.Badass today. I don’t know if I’ll have time it really depends on how my job runs today but I’ll try. 
Well I gotta get out of the tub lol. I’m turning into a raisin. I hope everyone has a great day today! 
Love, Lori😎

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