May 15, 2017


I didn’t write good morning cause I just wanna get back in bed, then it would be a good morning lol. I’ve really got to quit putting it off on looking for another job or two. When ya job makes you miserable to no end it’s time to move on. I’ve tried to make the best of it but it sucks so bad I just can’t. 
And according to my facebook post about somebody talking behind my back, well I ain’t mad but it’s made me realize I give some people to much damn credit on thinking they’re a good person. Should have listened to my gut. People don’t understand how much they can hurt you. But in my experience when they do hurt you most of the time they didn’t give a shit to begin with. Ain’t nobody’s fool. 
I think ever chance I get today I’m gonna apply to a bunch of places for another job. Lottery would be nicer haha. Agree? 
Oh yea I was talking to this dude last night on messenger and he seemed ok at first and then all of a sudden he started blowing up my phone begging for me to buy him iTunes time or something so he could Skype his son he ain’t seen in forever….really? Haha I told him off and blocked his ass. Damn it never fails, almost every time I give somebody a minute to talk to me it’s bullshit like that or they just straight up wanna fuck. That’s why I don’t answer most people back FYI. 
Guess I’ll just stay alone if that’s all there is. Fuck it. I’m done just done. I no longer feel like I’m good enough anyways. I’m here I’m existing but that’s about it. So be it. 
Anyway had to rant this morning. Hope y’all have a great day today!! 
Love, Lori𗀕

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