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Love yourself first!

A little short post here about me😁

First off I hope everyone had a great day! Mine was pretty good😜. I do have to work tomorrow but hey gotta make that money right? Lol. 
I’m not a drop dead gorgeous girl nor am I built like a brick house but I’m me and there’s only one of me and that alone makes me great. Not to mention my many other talents heehee. 
I wanted to to say that after spending quite a bit of time online today scrolling through people’s fb’s hehehe…anyway…I come to the decision or conclusion or whatever you wanna call it that I am rare. I took a step back and a long look at myself and I really am a rare woman. There are so many hoes or at least that’s what’s portrayed anyhow about themselves that is crazy! I post a lot of crazy and sexual stuff and of course selfies but I’m far very far from a hoe I promise you. Things I write about and things I say I want to do sexually are what I love and I love writing dirty stories. Only a select few have experienced well…me. If someone is lucky enough to actually be with me well…they’re lucky(not being stuck up either LOL). And they’re the only ones I’ve shared myself and desires with (actually desires, it has only been one that was as serious about it as me & not taking it for a joke). 
I’m not fucking everything that says hey your hot baby, I just can’t do it. And when I’m in a relationship I’m as faithful as they come. Not to mention I can cook, all that household stuff, work on my truck, bait a hook and make you fall in love with me during sex with one dose. I’m not bragging to be annoying or to lie but I’m one hell of a woman and those that’s been with me knew that and let me go for what? For a cheap nasty piece of pussy that can’t hardly wipe her own ass? Hahahaha😂😂😂. Sorry that’s mean I know but it’s the truth. (Bf’s,not marriage), I’m better than that. Have you ever stopped and looked at yourself and realized that you ain’t that bad of a person? I did. 
With all that said….what I’m getting at is there will be one very lucky man in my future that will realize what he has and will appreciate me and love me like I need. I hate waiting, I’m very impatient but I have no choice. And I’m not saying that I’m all better than anybody else but I am above the hoes and fuckboys and all those games. 
I love myself and I take care of myself and one day someone will be all I need when the time is right. But until then I will just be me waiting…….n waiting……..😂.  
Well have a great rest of the day! 
Love, Lori💋
And waiting………………………😜

Lori Hensley

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