May 7, 2017

Last day of work Yay!!😁

I’m soooo over working these long 12 hour weekend shifts. Last day today then a couple of days off. It’s supposed to be nicer weather wise today, I sure hope so cause I hate being cold. My body hurts so bad from my job. I was almost in tears yesterday from my back hurting so bad. I wish another job would hurry up and come along so I can move on lol. 
I have slept a lot the past two nights. Fell asleep by 9:30 last night and woke up after 5 this morning. Feels great! After I got off work I haven’t been on facebook much which is peaceful too lol. Because I’m hooked on it and trying to break myself haha. 
Why is it always the one you want to talk too never wants to talk to you but everybody else wants to talk to you? 
Idk whatever I guess. I’m tired of trying. I ain’t begging no one to spend time with me, I’d rather hang out with myself first. Like I’ve said in older posts…for some reason people start to get to know me then they leave me. They don’t talk much to me and don’t want to be with me. Idk why. You can tell though very well because if somebody really wanted to spend any time with you….they would and not make excuse as to why they can’t. Hell it takes 3 seconds to say hey throughout the day and I don’t even get that, well not from the one I want it to be anyway. 
Well I got to get ready for work….blah lol. I hope everyone has a great day today! You all can comment and follow me on here and it will let you know asap when I post. Thanks. I’ll try to write something later because this is so short, sorry. 
Love, Lori😘

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