May 4, 2017

Morning You Good Looking People!

I love sleeping in, I wish I could everyday. I’m a little sad this morning about two different things. One is my dogs and the other I’ll write about in a minute. 
I’m so heartbroken over having to render my dogs. They have been my babies since they were 5 weeks old. They’ve never been separated. They survived a severe case of parvo together and a starvation they went through…not by me but by someone that was supposed to be taking care of them for me during my divorce. They were so skinny and sick looking. They feel like a part of me and it hurts to let them go but if they are going to attack little kids then our days together will have to end. I love animals so much but human life is precious and I will not be responsible for them being bad dogs. This is Diesel & Detroit below, the two I need to render. 

5 weeks old
Bath time
Nap time
The other thing is that I have come to know some things. I don’t have concrete proof but the gut feelings are pretty strong. I noticed some things that I figured was going on and now I’m really feeling I was right. It sucks when you give someone your time but you mean absolutely nothing to them. I knew better anyway because I’m always second or third choice. I think it’s time to start showing myself some respect and remove some people out of my life that really don’t want to be there anyway and I have a couple of them that don’t deserve me. I’m better than that. I’m a damn good woman and a decent human being to be forgotten about or ditched to be an option later. When someone wants to be around you, they will and with no excuses. Regardless of the situation. I don’t argue much I just simply disappear and they don’t even notice that, that’s how you just know you ain’t wanted. 

Time will reveal everything, just wait and watch. 
Anyway guys I managed to mow my yard yesterday, took me forever! Lol. I sneezed and coughed my head off the entire time. Might be an ugly old house and yard but dammit it’s mine and I’ve busted my ass to keep it to have somewhere to live. So yes I’m proud of it. But I seriously have got to get a riding mower though, push mowers suck ass! Lol 
And it’s not just me that needs to clean up things in her life. I’m sure some of y’all have things in your life that break your hearts that you just put up with because you care about someone or something so much. But you know it’s toxic to you and your life. With me I don’t see a goodness in my future from my junk, maybe you do maybe you don’t. I’m just saying think about it. Is it worth you being unhappy or miserable? Can it be changed for the better? Whatever or whoever it is that I made you think about reading this…just think about it hard before you act. That’s what I’m doing right now. Your heart and gut won’t lie to you. 
I’m not sure what I’ll get into today but I’m sure it’ll be something crazy lol. You know me. We’ll have a great day everyone!! 
Love ya, Lori💕

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