Life With Lori

Good Morning

Hey everyone hope y’all have a great day! 
Some of you probably seen where my dogs got picked up and are in quarantine for 10 days on facebook. After talking to cops and the shelter place where my dogs are, everybody is calm and I’m not getting sued or nothing, I’m supposed to help replace the little boys glasses which I’m totally willing to do and I’ll probably buy him some toys too. What happened is my dogs got out of their kennel while I was at work. They had jumped on and knocked down a 7 year old little boy. In the process they knocked his glasses off and they got broken some how. They didn’t bite him or nothing, they’re not vicious their just very big playful dogs and to a 7 yr old I’m sure it was scary as hell. I feel like shit, I feel absolutely horrible about it. I cried throughout the day yesterday. I can’t undo it but I’ll make damn sure it don’t happen again. 
What’s up with the enormous amount of friend requests on facebook? It’s not just me I see my friends becoming friends with a bunch too. Weird. 
Well I’m over a week behind on mowing BUT I’m gonna go attempt to get it done today. Wish me luck because I’m already sneezing lol. Stupid allergies
With everything going on I’m pretty chilled out today. Idk how…could have something to do with that something I found in my kitchen but who knows
Ok so I’ve had a lot of dogs over the years and I’ve took them all riding around with me and none of them ever got sick. Well I took my little Sadie with me last night for the first time. I will NEVER put her in my truck again!!! She got car sick and puked and had diarrhea all over the front of my truck and puked on my right leg, arm, and side!!!! Gross! Before I mow I have to shampoo the hell outta my truck so it’s got all day to dry and air out…yuck. 
Well ima get off here and put on some old clothes to work in. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!
Love, Lori

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