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I really could use another few days off from work. Can’t afford to lay out right now either. Even though the thought already crossed my mind. Allergies are killing me anyway. I swear if I had more money saved up I’d damn disappear for a day. 
I liked to have never went to sleep last night I was so pissed the fuck off, then back up early this morning being sick and in pain. And I’m sick of being made to feel like I feel…..insignificant and completely stupid. 
It’s taking everything in me to get up and get ready for work. I just don’t want to do it anymore. Yea I’m still pissed off, can ya tell?  Lol. I really tried to just write a dirty story instead of bitching but I couldn’t get one sentence wrote down….sorry guys. 
Wow I’m trying to find something positive to say I really am….I got nothing.
….still nothing 
I actually stopped writing for over an hour, I’m back and still nothing nice to say lol. I made it to work though, definitely don’t want to be here. Being around a bunch of people stresses me out anymore, especially those I don’t like. Damn I’m still mad as hell! I feel sorry for whoever runs that mouth today! 
I reckon I’m thankful I’m still alive and still employed…guess that’s something to be positive about. Cursor flashes and I can’t find words to type. I’m so mad and hurt and worried and stressed out I can’t cope. Guess I’ll just end this post and not write anymore until I get past all this. I really hate boring you people and don’t wont to lose none of you because of it. Have a good day. 

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