April 27, 2017

Uncensored Sensations 👅

I thought I’d write something that ain’t so damn depressing. Not a story just some turns ons. We all like being turned on. Those hot passionate moments that work up to the explosion within our bodies that we share with someone. Do I have your attention? I sure hope so. 💜
Words spoken to you that have your undivided attention. Words that make your pussy so wet it’s soaking your panties or your dick so hard it’s busting through your pants by just reading those words. Not touched yet.
Sexual passion is absolutely the most intensifying experience. Passion and fire between two people that can’t be put out. Just burns and burns. Orgasms like you’ve never had before in your life. It’s mind blowing how intense it can be.
The gentle kiss that is so soft and wet sends chills through your body. Feelings you don’t want to stop. The feel of each other’s tongues so warm and tasteful. Lips sucked on so gently. Nibbling the lips because you are so aroused. Kissing the neck with lips and gentle strokes of the tongue. Licking and sucking on the ear lobe so gently.
The touch of fingertips move down your arm. Warm wet sucking and kissing on your breasts. Gently nibbling on your nipples.
Women:Wet kiss moves down your chest to your belly. Thighs being kissed so closely to your pussy that it has you squirming. The first lick on your pussy sends your body racing. Lick after lick. Gentle sucking on your clit. Pussy swelling and throbbing uncontrollably. Clit swelling as it’s being sucked and flicked with the tongue harder and harder. Oh the feel of the tongue sliding down your pussy and then enters you so deep moving like a caterpillar. Sliding in and out. Tongue swirling all around the often forgotten pleasurable area just a tad away from your pussy. Your whole pussy being sucked on gently then harder. Fingers enter you and hit the right spots that send you arching your back with pleasure. The tip of the dick slides up and down your very wet pussy. Then enters your pussy…slowly but deep. Thrust after thrust it becomes faster and faster. So fast, so deep, the dick is so hard. Your clawing and screaming. Shaking and squirting your pussy juice all over the place. The feel of the dick is mesmerizing, so good so hard. The final is an explosion so great your sent straight to sleep from such pure pleasure. Laying there soaking wet with pussy still pulsing from the pounding.

Men: Wet soft kissing all over your chest moves down to your stomach. Light touches of fingertips on your chest down to your thighs. Sweet little kisses all around your dick. Kisses on your thighs. Gentle stroke of the tongue at the base of the dick that moves all the way to the top. Gentle wet swirls of the tongue around the tip of your dick. Mouth coupled on your dick sliding up and down the length down to your balls. Flicking and licking by tongue all over your balls. Warm mouth gently sucks on them and pulls them into the mouth. Releasing one then pulling in the other. Licking under your balls to that sweet spot down there that intensifies your sensations. Slipping the tongue on down to lick on yet another awesome release of sensations. Dick laying on you, mouth gently from the tip sucks in your dick and slowly enters the warm soft mouth. As the mouth moves further down you are mesmerized so greatly that your head is thrown back with pleasure. Up and down, faster and faster. Deep in the throat. Tightness is unspeakable. The tip of the dick enters the hot wet pussy that is over top of you. As pussy has sucked up your hard dick and moves like waves. Up and down, back and forth and around…your speechless. Hard and fast is what the pussy gives as you explode inside of it, filling it up to the rim. Laying there so relaxed your numb.

I hope you enjoyed this. I did, tore myself up all to hell. Damn I’m alone this sucks lol. But that’s what I love about writing. You can let your imagination run wild. Other than my personal posts, these are my favorites to write about. I don’t know how many women are actually this sexually active as I am but I can’t turn it off even if I’m not feeling too good. I eat, sleep, and breathe it everyday. Only in the past months have I got to experience pleasures I used to only think about. It’s definitely mind blowing. I might share some adventures with you later on.
I thank every single one of you that takes the time to read my words. I appreciate it. I’m loving sharing what I only thought of or wrote in notebooks that no one ever read except me for years. Thankyou❤️
Well goodnight/good morning, it’s 12:30 lol. I hope this starts your day off better than my depressing posts. Happy Cumming!!
Love, Lori💋

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