April 24, 2017

Good Morning Vietnam….LOL I'm just jk!!

Sorry haha that’s the first thing that popped in my head when I was typing out good morning. I love that movie and how Robin Williams says that lol! 
Anyways……I’m fixing to go to bed but wanted to do my morning post cause I won’t have time in the morning. Gots shit to do lol. Can’t wait til my new frig gets here. I’m just gonna stand there and look at it! Haha. So excited. Loving that a few things are a little better for me. Been just barely surviving for awhile now. I know some have it a lot worse than me and I had it pretty bad. I don’t wish none of that on my worse enemy. 
It’s strange how you go through so much and you take so much shit from everyone and no one has your back then all of a sudden tables starting turning. I’ve seen several now, enemies I guess you’d say who stood at the top of their mountain and laughed and looked down on me while I was drowning in life for almost a year.  Well…Karma is a fucking bitch. No I wouldn’t personally wish it on nobody but I can’t control karma or life. And even though I was ridiculed I still will never stand at the top and do anyone the way I was done. It’s not in me, I can’t do that. I just pray for them and move on. And honestly if I knew they were starving like I was, my ass would be there with fucking food. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night knowing somebody I know whether I liked them or not went to bed as hungry as I used to. Let me tell ya that sucked. Belly growling so hard it feels like it’s becoming painful. Yea I know the feeling. And I couldn’t do anyone the way they’ve done me. I was raised that way and it’s in my heart. But I do feel bad for them. 
I’m so happy things are changing for the better for me. It may be small things but when you have had almost nothing it makes the little things look huge. May not mean nothing to others but means the world to me. 
And I’m putting together an exercise challenge that I’ll be doing for one week. I’ll take before and after pics. Gonna focus on butt/thighs, stomach, chest, and face exercises. Not decided on an exact number of each but it will be a lot hence it’s a challenge lol. 
I’ve dozed off about 10 times. Night y’all! 
Love, Lori 

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