April 23, 2017

Rainy Day 🌧

Hey everybody! Hope y’all’s day is gonna be great even though it’s raining. After this rain I’m going to have to do the dreaded push mowing my yard but hey it’s a great exercise lol! 
Well I didn’t make it to work this morning. My allergy headaches are awful. So tired of feeling blah everyday. Hope boss don’t get too upset with me. 
I guess I’m gonna try to clean my house up a bit, not doing much though. All my laundry is mostly done but I haven’t put none of it away in days haha, I’ve been lazy.  F’k it πŸ˜‚. I do however have to give my inside dog a doggy spa cleaning, she’s filthy. I may paint her nails while I’m at too lol. 
I miss my gf, she’s by herself at work cause I’m not there, I feel so bad. I love that chick. She’s been the most truest, loving & caring person I’ve been around in a long time. She’s a great person, very few like her left. Most pretend til they get what they want from you then just up and act like you don’t exist. I’ve removed those from my life. 
I have slept on my couch for the past three nights. It’s so comfy. I don’t hardly even go into my room no more lol. I sleep, eat, and  work online, all from the couch 😁. I’ve just not had anything nice in so long I can’t get enough of it. Annnd I’m getting a new frig in the morning…yay! No more freezer door falling off and hitting me lol. You have no idea how bad that can piss you off lol. 
And I’m sorry for blowing up in last post. I deleted it. I was so angry I had to let it out. But I’m alright now. I think anyways lol. I just hate how people can make you feel. And mostly it pisses me off because I feel like they have some sort of control over me because they can fuck with me, I don’t like that. I’ve never dealt with anyone controlling me very well at all. I lose my shit. I believe that’s mostly why I need to work for myself and not at these mills and shit where I feel like a robot. 
I’m waiting for headache to ease off so I can clean some. It’s easing but it won’t stay gone. 
I may nap first, seems to help headache along with taking pills. In a few weeks I’m going to get my eyes examined and get some new glasses. When I’m not having an allergy headache it’s headaches because of my eyes. Ugh.
When I was at work yesterday I was staring off over the mountains and sky. Just lost in thought. I like being single but I can’t help but to wonder what it’ll be like to come home to a man who loves me and can’t get enough of me and would be there for me no matter what. No doubts, no cheating, no lies, etc. yea well that was as far as I got anyways lol. 
May talk to y’all later this evening! Have a great day!
Live, Lori

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