April 21, 2017

Midday News 😁

Hope everybody is having a good day. Mines going pretty good I reckon. I feel good anyway, all that matters right? Lol. 
I’m sitting here eating a plate of food we ordered, I was about to starve to death. Haha
Y’all I absolutely cannot express how much better I feel. I started feeling this way before finances got better too. I went through a lot of shit, y’all know that. You may not know exactly what but you read how upset I was and I was verrry upset. Very hurt to an extreme measure. I thought I was going to stroke out or have a heart attack for real. But after that night, I woke up the next morning and I was in a different mode. Like a switch was turned on/off. I no longer can tolerate bullshit from anyone and I like that. I stopped worrying about who likes me or how I’m gonna make it or whatever. I’m here, I’m me and that’s all I know. Now I think well if anyone wants  to be in my life that’s great but I won’t beg or chase anyone. Not being mean at all, it’s just I’ve went through some people that I never thought was so cold hearted. I just quit. If your good to me I’ll move mountains for you, I’d do anything for anybody. It’s just who I am. 
I am however madly in love……with my couch! Lol. I am though hahaha!! And I’m loving the changes and everything in my life. It’s nice. I’m laughing at everything anymore, even at home by myself Lol. I’m just a happy go lucky person now a days😊.
And those posts I’ve been writing about a Mrs.Badass…I think I’m going to keep that story on going. I kinda like how it’s going and I’m able to come up with new adventures every post. 
But I gotta go, I’m at work. Have a great day!πŸ˜„
Love, LoriπŸ’•

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