April 20, 2017

Peaceful ..๐Ÿ’œ

Good morning people! I hope everyone has a great day today. 
I gotta say that the saying money can’t buy happiness is a lie. In my case it has took away a lot of my stress. I’m not making huge money but my bills are covered and then some. I’m loving it! 
Not only do I maintain the ‘IDGAF’ attitude feeling that came over me for what like a week or better now?….I also have a few dollars now which brings even more peace on me. I haven’t been this relaxed in such a long time, like years. It’s an awesome feeling. 
No…money won’t bring me a man, a real one. I’m sure I could attract some lowlifes but it ain’t happening. Lol. Money don’t fix family problems either. But let me tell ya that it does take away the stress and that alone makes it easier for me to deal with everything else. 
Three jobs are wearing me down for sure lol. I’m going to the second job today…maybe haha. But anyway if I don’t make some good money at it today I will be turning in my key to the restaurant….I’ll be done with that one. It’s mostly just wasting my time where I could be resting up for the other two jobs. With this new attitude that’s come over me, I have been removing whatever don’t make me happy including people. Life’s too short for bullshit. I only want things and people that can make me smile around me. 
I have been laughing a lot more too lately. Feels nice. Real nice. I’m seriously considering quitting that job before I even go in. It’s making me unhappy and it’s got to go. 
Oh let me tell ya what happened last night! My neighbors damn dog with muddy ass feet ran into my house last night! And it’s a big dog too, a german shepherd. I was mad as hell! Mud every damn wear including my bed!! I just washed my bedding too and had to again at 1am this morning. I liked to have never got that dog out. Let’s put it this way…if I still had my stressed out attitude I would have personally jerked my neighbor out of their house and beat the shit out of them because they won’t keep their dog out of my yard!! No joke! Then called cops on them this morning to start filing tons of complaints. I CAN be an asshole lol. BUT after I got the dog out I just went and cleaned my house back up, I growled a little but I was able to calm down almost instantaneously…..I was amazed at myself!!!! Loving being at peace for a change. 
Have a great day!!!!
Love, Lori๐Ÿ’‹

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