April 19, 2017


      A day off yay!!!! I’m taking it anyway. I’m tired as hell. I took two Benadryls last night due to a really bad headache from allergies. Knocked me out cold lol. I didn’t wake up til about 9 this morning. I never sleep that late but it felt great. 
      I had a rough day yesterday at my full time job, damn near walked out. I literally worked the entire 12 hours. Didn’t get done til 7:35 last night. Didn’t eat lunch, didn’t have time. That’s bs! Two of the bosses were smartasses too. Really sick of it so much that right now I’m having to tell myself ‘you have to go in friday Lori’ Lol. But I don’t wanna. 
     Well I went and done something for myself. I ordered me a new living room suit, supposed to be delivered today. It’s not gonna hurt me too bad to pay for it. Dammit I deserve to have something nice for a change. Now I’m gonna have to turn my satellite back on now that I have a nice couch to lay on that don’t break my back. I’m slowly beginning to furnish my house and a frig is the next thing I’m after. I’m tired of picking up the freezer door off the floor ever time I open it ugh! 
    I have found a way to make quite a bit of extra money so now I can actually do things I’ve been wanting to do. I’m not rich but too me it feels like. Anything beyond my paycheck makes me feel rich lol. Probably going to drop the part time job. I’m wasting more in gas and time than I make in money for it to be worth my while. I’ve got too much on me to do anyways. At least I’ll go back to having some days off here and there. 
    I’m not going to use the money to move though. For one..I hate moving! Two..don’t want to move until I can maybe rent to own a home. I should be able to NOW make it a little more comfortable living here. I’m going to get two of those window air/heat units before it gets old again. Hopefully I won’t have to battle with freezing to death. I do have to get another ac now before we hit that nasty ga heat of the summer. 
   Well I want my morning bath but I don’t think I get too. Sitting here waiting on living room suit so I can’t 😩. 
   I know I haven’t wrote in a day or two but I’ve been wide open with three jobs and dogs to take care of, etc, and trying to find an hour or two to sleep lol. 
   It really feels nice to be able to do something for myself. I’ve tried to not get ‘the love of money’ planted in my head but it takes money to survive. So you gotta have  it a little bit. And after I find me a frig I’m taking my truck to somewhere to have whatever needs fixed in the front end. I know tie rod ends are bad for sure and I’ve been hearing my brakes growling every time I stop too. Too much squeaking going on, driving me nuts! 
   I gotta say for the first time in forever I have the feeling of contentment. It feels nice. I have food in the frig, gas in the truck,  dogs have food, few bucks in my pocket, and a few great people in my life whom I love dearly.  It even overrides the hatred I have for the ft job. I’m loving it! Not being angry or stressed 24/7 makes a big difference in your life. 
Talk to you guys later. Have a great day! 
Love ya, Lori

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