April 17, 2017

Good Morning

Back to work week for most today except me I don’t ever stop lol. Really just about burnt out already too. Hope y’all have a good day. 
I know it seems I’m writing a lot lately but that’s a good thing. When I’m feeling better that’s what I do. If you see a few days go by and I haven’t posted nothing, most likely something’s wrong. I still feel alright. But now I’m on fire to better myself like hell. So sick of all this working, hell I’m hardly ever home anymore. And to me that seems kinda stupid, to be at work all the time to just barely make it. No life whatsoever. I have no excitement in my life and I literally can’t blow money on a pack of gum without it causing me trouble next week. Sick of this shit. I am working on it, changing everything for myself and it seems to be slowly working out for me. I refuse to give up. And like I said at the beginning of the year…I will be successful this year and I will be better off financially. It’s hard I ain’t gonna lie. I just wanna give up sometimes and hide but I’m too damn stubborn for that! 
I’ve got like this weird moment or something that happened. I may just be taking another step towards getting out of the sad single shit I’ve been in. It was literally like my eyes were opened and I could see more clearly….situations and people and stuff. Idk it’s weird. I still don’t give a shit no more lol. Now I really don’t seeing everything for what it is haha. I still love who I love and like who or what I like but everything and everybody else it’s just….fuck it. I may be coming across as meaner too, probably should dye my hair blue and red with pigtails, it’d be fitting right now 😂. 
Well I’m gonna leave this one short because I’ll end up writing in circles or bitching hahaha! 
Have a great day everyone!!
Love, Lori 

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