April 16, 2017

She's Unknown

She’s been through enough. 
Yeah she’s had some good times     and has some good memories.    
She’s had more than her fair share of bad though.   
She believes its all to be able to       help others, to know and feel           what life can truly throw at you. 
Yeah she’s a woman but she’s like no other. 
She’s not your typical gal. 
She likes girly stuff but she’s far     from girly, she’d rather hang out   with the guys.  
She doesn’t have a lot of girlfriends because they have done her wrong over the years. 
She’s single now. Some days she loves it, other days not so much. 
Going to bed alone is the hardest. 
She wants so badly to be held and feel safe in a mans arms, to be loved and cherished. 
One day, she keeps telling herself… That she will be loved. 
She has so much to offer, yet nobody seems to notice, no one seems to want all of her. 
She’s so faithful it’ll make you sick. It drives men crazy because she won’t just hook up with them. 
Anyone can tell you your beautiful or tell you they love you, but it only really counts when its shown. 
When treated right, she’ll give you her all, she’ll hand you the world the best she can. 
Yeah she has an attitude, she’s a strong woman, what did you expect? 
She’ll work hard right beside you no matter what it is. 
She’ll be your lady in public, but be your freak in bed. 
Almost everyone she has known or knows has done her dirty. 
No she don’t trust easily because people always remind her and show her why she shouldn’t. 
She works and works hard at everything she does. 
She’s not afraid to break a nail or get dirty, she can handle it. 
But at the end of the day when she can take off her cape of strength, she’s helpless alone in her woman cave craving for a mans true love.
You want a woman like this?  Then prove it, get her or one like her, because theres really not that many of them around. 
She’s basically unknown. Not too many people know of her true worth and love. 

I thank you and love you people for following me and reading my blog!  
Love, Lori

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