April 16, 2017

Mrs. Badass Part 2

Lettie was back home from her adventure with the maid and the couple. Even though she loved her adventures she still wants her husband. He was a handsome man and very good in bed whenever she could catch his attention anyway.
Lettie waited on her husband to come home which to her surprise he came earlier than normal. She was waiting in the kitchen when he walked in. Lettie said my your home early hon. Her husband Phil, said yea the whole computer system shut down on us so we called it a day. He asked what was she doing for dinner. Lettie said probably take out or leftovers, why? Phil tells her, I know it’s been rough on you but how about we go out for dinner or order in together. Lettie picked ordering in, she wanted anytime she could have with him to be alone with him, him agreed.
They sat in the living room to eat. The fireplace was blazing. Lettie got up and sat down next to Phil. She looked at him in his eyes and said you know I love you and I do admit I miss you. I appreciate everything you do for me but there’s an area that really needs your attention….Me.
Phil didn’t say a word, he turned and leaned in to kiss her. They kissed for a long time. So passionate and intense. Phil slowly starting unbuttoning her top kissing her neck to her shoulder. Pulling clothes out of the way as he kissed down to her breasts. He caressed and sucked on them so gently. Lettie was in heaven. Phil took the rest of her clothes off and guided her to the floor in front of the fireplace. He kissed her body all over, fingering her while he was sucking and licking on her pussy.
Phil walked off for a minute and came back with body oil and towels. He laid the towels out on the floor for Lettie to lay on. Phil put an excessive amount of oil all over the front of her body. She was glistening in the fireplace light. He massaged every part of her body from her neck to her toes. He massaged slow but firm enough for it to feel amazing. Lettie was still on her back at this point. Phil massaged her breasts and then clawed down her stomach to her thighs. He poured a little more oil directly on her pussy then slipped his fingers inside of her slowly then back out. Phil guided her to flip over. As she did, he removed his clothes.
He dripped oil down her back to her ass. Phil straddled her massaging her shoulders and back. Lettie could feel his hard dick up against her ass, she loved how big he was. Phil massaged down to her ass and massaged her ass cheeks hard as he scooted back to take in the view. He ran his thumbs up and down her ass. Slipped one thumb in her ass, in and out slowly. Then slipped both thumbs inside her ass, fingering harder and harder then removed them. Lettie was soooo relaxed and happy she was spending time with her husband and even having sex with him.
Phil rubbed his dick on her pussy and ass while kissing the back of her neck. Slid his dick deep inside of her oily and wet pussy. It felt amazing for both of them. Phil fucked her slow then real hard and fast over and over. He pulled out of her pussy and started sliding his dick in between her ass cheeks. Then he slowly put the head of his dick inside her ass. Letting was moaning and had already cummed so hard she was sweating and shaking. Phil wouldn’t let her do anything since he neglected her for so long. Phil kept sliding his dick inside her ass a little at a time with every stroke. Once he was all the way in he fucked her harder in her ass than he did her pussy. Lettie was screaming with pleasure. Phil never let up until he filled her up. They both were feeling really damn good. Phil laid beside her there in the floor and they slept there all night. Such hot passion and intense pleasure.
The next morning Lettie woke up, she was laying there alone in the floor covered up. Phil had already left for work and soon back to his old routine of neglect. Lettie would much rather prefer to only be with her husband but she only gets those times with him maybe once or twice every two to three months. She still continues her adventures, searching for what she needs but rarely receives from her husband.
The End…..Part 3 coming up soon

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