April 14, 2017

Mrs. Badass Part 1 

      Lettie was the wife of a very wealthy man. She had everything she wanted and then some. She took vacations by herself because the hubby was always busy. They didn’t have kids so it was just them. She gets bored a lot so she vacates quite a bit. Lettie really isn’t into her husband anymore because he pays her no mind. She loves visiting places where there’s lots of men to socialize with because she has took up a new hobby she’s very interested in and loving it. 
       That new hobby of Lettie’s has been keeping her plenty occupied. Almost every weekend. You see, she doesn’t get much action from her busy husband. They may have sex and be intimate 1-2 times a month. Lettie seen some videos of people having a blast sexually aside from their partners. It is a little nerve wrecking since she doesn’t know these people personally that she meets and has sex with. She likes it being at least 2 more people other than herself and no more than 4 total. And absolutely no couples because she fears of the jealousy and that it would make its way back to her husband. 
Lettie’s first time was only a few miles from her home. It was with 2 strange men that she met online and had conversations with them for weeks discussing exactly what she wanted. There was no pictures exchanged or dirty talk. She wanted it to be as mature as possible. Both men agreed with her of course but they were very mature and not distasteful at all. 
The 3 of them met up in an abandoned building at 3 in the afternoon one day. Lettie had been there that morning setting it up for their meeting. She brought protection, toys, & lubes. Also brought a few blankets and cushions. When the time came they all met outside of the building. Introduced their selves to each other then walked inside to the area that she had set up earlier. It was a bit awkward at first since they didn’t know each other at all. 
Sam seemed a little more nervous than the other man and Lettie. He spoke up and said I’ve never done nothing like this before. The other guy Mike, said he hadn’t neither but that he was very interested and very eager to play along. Lettie wasn’t really into anything extreme but didn’t mind having different options. Lettie had brought a variety of sex toys and she brought outfits along with masks for the three of them. 
Lettie broke the ice by simply walking up to Sam and started kissing him. They kissed and were touching each other. Mike walked up behind Lettie and put his hands on her waist and kissed the back of her neck. 
The ice was breaking for sure. Kissing was getting intense. Lettie spun around and kissed Mike while Sam was bent down and running his hands up Lettie’s thighs to her ass. 
Lettie lead them both over to the air mattress she set up. She pressed play on her little radio, got to have some sexy music playing. Lettie danced a slow sexy dance while she completely undressed. Both men were nothing but focused on her. Phones beeping, nobody cared. Lettie laid down on the mattress and motioned for them to come here. 
Each man laid on each side of her. One kissing her while the other is sucking on her tits and vice versa. Sam kissed his way to her pussy. While he was licking on her pussy Mike removed his clothes and got on his knees to put his dick in Lettie’s face. Lettie caressed and licked and sucked on Mike while enjoying the magic that Sam was performing on her pussy. She was feeling so good. The guys switched positions for a little bit. Then Lettie sat up and both men had their dicks close enough to her face where she could suck on both of them back n forth. 
While one was fucking her doggy style she was sucking the other, then they would switch a couple of times. Mike laid down on his back, put Lettie on top of him with her back to his chest, Sam crawled on top of Lettie. Sam fucked her in her pussy while Mike fucked her in her ass at the same time. Lettie was in unbelievable pleasure. It didn’t take long before it was over because all three were feeling very good and very excited. None of the toys were even thought of. 
After they were dressed, Lettie hugged and kissed them thanking them for an awesome time together. 
One more of Lettie’s adventures included a maid at a hotel she was staying at when she went on yet another trip by herself. She didn’t have this planned at all. She was actually working on a get together with a couple which is why she was there. It was against her rules but this couple kept insisting so she gave in. But this maid was so pretty and Lettie was attracted to both sexes. Her name was Dee. Dee was just as sweet as could be. She offered all kinds of chores for Lettie to make her stay enjoyable. Lettie smiled a smirky smile and said well there is something else you could do. Dee asked what was it. Lettie said let me kiss your beautiful self. Dee smiled and walked right up to her and kissed the shit out of Lettie. Dee steps back and giggles and says like that? They both laughed but Lettie now wanted more. 
Dee told her she had to go but she would be back when her shift was over…with a smile as she walked out the door. Lettie sat on the bed and fell back imagining sex with Dee. She had only been with one other female so far and Lettie wasn’t attracted to that woman at all but played along. Lettie emailed the couple she was to be meeting while she was there. They replied back that they wanted to meet her tonight. Lettie thought shit, I want Dee tonight and to myself lol. But she figured if she turned them down she would be on the hunt again for another couple. She didn’t know when Dee’s shift was over so she told the couple to arrive at her room at 6pm. 
At 5pm Dee knocks on the door. Lettie opens the door and is so glad she showed up. Dee immediately starts kissing her and fondling Lettie. They move towards the bed and the old door closes but didn’t lock. They were kissing and touching and pulling each other’s clothes off like crazy. Lettie done lost track of time and what day it was lol. Lettie had her face buried in Dee’s pussy when the couple showed up. They could her moaning from outside the door. The wife pushed on the door and it opened. When she seen the women on the bed she said a quite little hello. Lettie and Dee both jumped a little. Lettie stood up butt naked, pussy juice on her face and welcomed them in. Lettie said I’m sorry I lost track of time and I have a visitor here. The wife said well we don’t mind if you two don’t. Lettie looked at Dee and they shrugged and agreed they were fine with them being there. They were a good looking couple too, Lettie thought as she went back to eating that pussy. 
The wife walked up behind Lettie and halfway laid down beside her, stroking her hair and ran her fingers down her back then on her ass. Lettie raised up and looked at the wife then leaned to kiss her. They kissed while Lettie fingered Dee. The husband walks up and rubs on Dees’s tits then sucks on them. So now they’re all four involved in a hot ass adventure that Lettie couldn’t of planned any better. Lettie thought to herself when she saw the husband putting his dick in Dee’s mouth..how lucky he must feel to have three women to fuck. 
Everyone was licking and sucking and taking turns with each other. Then the husband guided them all three to get on their hands and knees on the floor. Hip to hip spread in a half circle real close. The husband starts licking on each pussy and fingering them. He then puts his dick in his wife and strokes her pussy a couple of times then again inside of Dee and again inside of Lettie. He said you girls have no idea how good you feel and how good you are making me feel. He keeps fucking them like that for a little while then tells them all three to turn around and face him to suck on his dick. They licked and sucked until he almost was about to cum. He told them to sit up with tits perked out. He finished off with his hand while squirting his cum all over their tits. Corny but it was so hot. 
They all took turns taking a quick shower. Then hugged and talked for a bit and definitely wanted to hook up again at the couples home. They all agreed to meet up again, they all had a lot of fun together. 
Lettie was smiling like hell when she laid there in her bed that night. She was loving her new lifestyle. She couldn’t wait for the next adventure to come about. There will definitely be more that’s for sure. 
The End

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