April 13, 2017


Good morning. It’s gonna be a beautiful day again today, guess where most of us will be lol…at work. Oh well, gotta make that money right? 
I’m not gonna say I’m completely all better in how I feel and everything but I will say I’m a lot better. Day 3 with my new attitude that I got that I didn’t intentionally get, it just came over me Tuesday morning when I opened my eyes. I was different just like that. Aahhhh 😌
A reminder to newbies: Yes this is a diary type kinda blog. I’m not interested in writing informative blogs that everybody else is writing as well. Occasionally I write posts that are sexy stories. Any topic you type in google there’s a 100 blogs about it. Sorry I have to be different, always have lol. 
5am….guess where I am lol 🛀🏻!!! I guess y’all probably figure I live in my tub by now haha. It’s just so relaxing I’m drawn to it. I was laying on the bench at work yesterday soaking up the nice weather and decided I need a hammock here at home. That would be awesome to lay in and write and of course nap. 
The other day when I was doing yard work, me and my oldest son got my dog kennel and dogs moved to the concrete pad we made for them. My yard is nothing but a mud hole every time it rains and they become miserable. No I can’t bring them in. Ever seen a bull in a China shop? Well try two lol. That and they ain’t completely house trained because I’m always at work. But soon hopefully very soon, that will all change. I’m on the brink of quitting my jobs and moving on with other things. I told ya I just refuse to put up with shit from anyone now. I don’t have a tolerance for it at all. The only reason I haven’t just quit is because I’m the one that pays my bills so I have to be mature and deal with it until other doors open. I’m doing ok with it though. I just do the job and ignore anything I hear or see at work. Me and my gf just keep to ourselves anymore. 
I’ve realized with being as calm as I am that I kinda like myself a little more. Weird but true. It’s like I can get along with me now 😂. And I realize that living by myself ain’t so damn bad after all like I thought. I reckon I had to go through some stuff to be shown how good I got it. Lesson learned, it will be impossible for anyone to live with me again other than maybe a future husband to be but even at that it will take convincing me…..a lot!! 
Thankyou to all the messages the other day encouraging me and thanking me. I appreciate you all. 
Since it’s already mid April I don’t know if I’ll be doing any gardening or not. I may just do a few in flower pots or something. But I am planting some cantaloupes though, I love them! They tear my stomach up (because I have to eat the whole thang!) and make me pee like hell but damn they’re good. 
Can’t wait til this work day is over with. I’m off tomorrow which means I can sleep in! But I’m supposed to work the next 4-5 days straight after that between the two jobs, so exhausting. But like I said I’m working on doing some different things. Sick of being broke all the time. And due to some recent junk I don’t get to go to gatlinburg Friday like I was going to do. Oh well, I will soon. 
It’s almost 6, I got in the tub at 5 Lol. I just can’t get out! 
Oh yea, can you paint a tin roof? It’s just the part on my porch, it’s rusted and ugly and makes the whole house look junky. It ain’t got much going for it as it is so I’m trying to band-aid it up here and there. Can’t afford to move and it’s damn near impossible to find nice places that allow big dogs, that’s why I got this place so I have to make the best of it because I’m not getting rid of my animals for anybody. I’m considering laying plywood on that ugly crooked kitchen floor and slap some linoleum down to make it more standabke to look at haha. After that all I need is another air conditioner to put on the other end of the house to keep from frying this summer. It’ll all work out, I ain’t stressing it. At least I got a new tub now! Love love love it! Well I gotta get ready for work and find me some damn coffee, I’m going crazy. I’m gonna have to go out and find me a cheap coffee pot tomorrow somewhere. 
Y’all have a great day! ☀️☀️☀️
Love ya, Lori🌺

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