April 9, 2017

Good Morning

I hope y’all have a great a day. It’s supposed to be even nicer today but yet once again I’ll be at work 😔. Oh well, at least it’s my last day of the lonnnng weekend shift. 
I can’t wait to get up in the morning and go job hunting. I’m very ready for a change and very done with 12 hour shifts. Hopefully I can find something great before the week is over and make this my last week at the 12 hour shit job. 😁Even a little bit of a paycut is worth it. I don’t want to drop down but I just can’t nor want to work there any more. 
I noticed that my clothes are getting loose again. So I’ve lost weight because I can’t sleep or eat again. Sucks. When I was going to the gym everyday I was eating like hell and gaining weight, I was looking better. But 12 hour shifts got too me and so did the stress. I’m going back, I loved it. I felt great inside and out. 
With me no longer giving a shit about all the nonsense of everyone around me I kinda feel better too. It’s not that I think I’m better than anybody but I walk with my head a little higher…mostly so I can keep from making eye contact haha😂. But in a different sense I am better than them because I would never turn my back on someone like that for nothing, it kinda feels like that high school drama if you know what I mean lol. Immaturity at its best. 
When you realize your worth it don’t bother you a bit to drop people out of your life. It’s kinda freeing really like a fresh breath of air lol. 
I can’t wait to get out of town for day or two. Don’t really have a lot of spending money but I don’t care I just want to get away. I’ll have enough for gas, food, etc. That’s good enough for me. 
Oh yea, I did get sleep last night. I feel better this morning. It was only 6 hours but hey that’s better than only 2-3 a night that I’ve been getting. Don’t get me wrong I still wanna crawl back in bed and not go to work lol. Gotta make that money, ain’t nobody paying my bills for me. 
I was reading somewhere that I need to make my blog posts longer. I don’t know if I can do that with regular talk because I run out of stuff to say lol. But anyway getting ready for work so I wish y’all a happy day! 
Love, Lori🦋

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