April 6, 2017

Just wow

Sometimes in life we allow people to fuck us over and use us. And people ain’t who you think they are. Humans are cruel to one another so very damn bad and don’t care what they do to you or how they make you feel. 
I don’t know how some can sleep at night knowing they treat people like shit on purpose. I’m so done, so fucking done with being used and treated like a piece of shit. I’m over it y’all. 
Women will stab you in the fucking back for anything or anybody you have that they want. All two faced to your face long enough to make their plan to bring you down. I’ve got one gf left and that’s the only one I will talk too. I will not conversate with another long enough to make friends again. 
Men fucking suck. They can’t stop with one, they have to have every piece of pussy they can get. Why? Do they not have a heart? Well I don’t think so because how can you allow others to get attached to you just so you can keep hitting it while you still playing game and could care less and you think that pussy is still gonna be there when you come back around…..Wrong, women are smarter. And they don’t like being used. 
So sick of this damn cycle I keep getting in. Seriously considering some sorta different lifestyle where I don’t have to be around the same people everyday. That way I can’t get to know anyone and care for them. 
I’m sorry for the rant but I have no one to talk to right now but y’all. Yes I have a short temper but also I’m fed up and I’m done. I’ve come to a point to where I’m sick of feeling like I feel and to hell with people hurting me. Karma is a bitch. What goes around will come back on you. 
I will keep to myself from now on for real. And I’m searching asap for a better life for me away from here. Fuck being used man. 

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