April 4, 2017

What a long day🙃

Monday was definitely Monday lol. I worked my butt off today. I’m so tired y’all. Working everyday is rough. But I’m pretty sure I get off Wednesday and Thursday because it’s supposed to rain which means golfers don’t golf in the rain 😁. It’s bitter sweet really, I need the money but I need a break. 
I came straight home, grabbed a sandwich and hit the tub. And soon I’m hitting the bed, I’m so sleepy I can’t hardly stand it. I didn’t go to the gym this morning because I had no energy whatsoever in me. Gonna try again in the morning lol. 
So how was y’alls day? Long and boring like mine? I tell ya just as soon as I get my foot in the door at another job my full time job will be history. I don’t ever want to come back again…ever! Horrible place with horrible people all in it. Worst job I’ve ever had in my life. 
Any who. I want to say that I know what I’m capable of and that I’m not giving up on being successful. I will be and soon. I’m not going to be one of those that drags it out for years. I’m busting my ass to make it happen. I want a few people to know that I’m not just babbling on at how I’m gonna help them and I’m not gonna forget them. You three I work (you know who you is lol) with I will be helping you out as much as I can. You all are the only ones that haven’t turned your backs on me and I will not turn my back on you. I know haters be like ‘yea right’, ‘she ain’t gonna do shit’. But you haters are the ones that’s gonna miss out, mark my words. I don’t like two-faced people, keep that shit to yourself and away from me. 
Oh damn I think I’ll just sleep in the tub hahaha! So relaxing I tell ya. I’m gonna get out though I’m so sleepy I’m afraid I’ll drown lol. 
Once again I still ain’t in the mood to talk about all my junk. I just ain’t feeling it today. But that is a good thing though! Hell there is so much confusion that I can’t even understand myself really lol. Blah….
Well I’m going to bed soon. Sleep good! 
Love, Lori 💚

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