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Back to work 😥

Morning y’all. I’m up but I’m not willing. Not at all wanting to show up at the full time job. I need a vacation so bad. Working everyday is rough. I just keep telling myself soon Lori soon lol. I noticed this morning I had sold a book or two on Amazon, hell I honestly forgot about those. But my main focus is this blog and the vlog with my oldest. I’m still excited because now its monetized. Which means it can generate money now. I’m really super excited about it. I cannot wait until I can…well quit my other jobs. And pay people money I owe them. It will come. 
I’m soaking in the tub this morning, my body still hurts from carrying all that quikrete friday. That sucked 😩. Sad thing is I’m gonna have to do it again. Oh well lol. 
I’m not gonna rant this morning. Quite frankly just ain’t in the mood. So sick of being upset everyday anyhow. I just gotta learn to readjust my focus on who or what really matters to me, ones that care, and let the rest just go. 
Depending on how fast online pay comes, I will probably find something else to replace the full time job until then. That place really bums me out. Just the thought of going in this morning has like ruined my day already and that ain’t right. I shouldn’t have to put up with nonsense and feel like this. But like I said at the very moment I’m able to quit any other jobs other than online ones I’m taking a much needed break somewhere by myself. And I will probably turn off my phone too. I thought about just turning it on long enough to say ‘I’m still alive’, then turn it back off haha. You just don’t know or understand how bad I need to get away alone. 
The good time I had last night would be awesome to have all the time. So very nice. Makes me feel alive! Being myself, doing what I like. Just wish I was the only one getting…….never mind lol. 
Someday…maybe? Lol. I’ll meet someone I can stand to live with and trust, Idk though because that’s hard to come by…trust.  
I think it’s funny how I went from being completely camera shy to I actually want the camera on now. It doesn’t bother me at all anymore. My son is even getting to where he’s getting comfortable with it and he was a generally shy person all around. I think once we can get the right camera equipment and stuff for our videos they will be a whole lot better. We’ll get there! 
Ok I’m rambling now haha, I’m out of stuff to say. So I’m gonna go get this day started and hopefully the work part will fly by! Have a great day!!!!!
Love, Lori💋

Lori Hensley

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