April 1, 2017

So tired! 😩

Hope y’all had a good day! Mine was definitely better than yesterday that’s for sure! I didn’t cry last night but I sure felt kinda like I was lost I guess? When the people you’ve known for awhile are not who you think they are it kinda punches you in the stomach. Oh well. 
Man I tell ya what, I will think twice before attacking another job like me and my oldest did today. I will hire a damn man next time haha. I’m dang kilt lol. My yard is so wet I can’t drive through it and where I wanted the kennel pad made is a long distance when your carrying 80lb bags of quikrete!!!! My lower back is hurting. But I had fun doing it and being with my son. I got to spend a little bit of time with my youngest today too, he repaired the water hose spicket so now we can wash our rides. Yay! 
I get to work my other job tomorrow and sunday and the weather is supposed to be nice, hopefully it’ll get busy and I make good. 😁
Today was my moms birthday. She would have been 61. She passed away at age 56. I miss her so bad every single minute of every day! She always stood behind me and pushed me to never give up. No one does that now. I push myself but I swear sometimes she’s still helping me. Not only was she an awesome mom…..she was my best friend, my world. I miss and love her so much!❤️
Well goodnight everyone, I’m exhausted lol 😩
Love ya, Lori 

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