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Good Night(fed up)

It’s been one hell of a day! I’m laying down because I’m exhausted but I’m so fed up I’m having trouble falling asleep. Figured I’d write now instead of in the morning because me and my oldest have a project to do tomorrow and he’s going to record it all. I hope I can do it anyway. It’s more of a mans job but hell that never slowed me down before from doing anything. 
I reallllllly have to say this….I’m sick of being lied to and stabbed in the back. If you cannot be honest with me and do me right….stay the fuck out of my business and my life. And yes I’m putting that on here because your haters keep up with you more than anybody. So if you feel the heat when you read this or feel guilty…..must be you I’m talking about, you know who the hell you are. Leave me alone and go the hell on. 
I would LOVE to be nothing but positive on here, really I would! But who the fuck do I have to talk too? Who’s got my back? It’s always always me getting screwed over. Sick of it! How am I supposed to be happy when I’m constantly being shit on? Lied too, done wrong, stabbed in the back, etc.? The worst feeling in the world is having to deal with everything alone. Every struggle, every lying mother fucker, blah blah blah and so on. 
Whatever, anyway. I’m attempting to make a pad tomorrow to go under my dogs kennel and fix my water hose sprayer end, well replace it. I don’t know if I can do any of it but I’m gonna give it a hell of a try lol. 
Next week I gotta work on my truck. All these man jobs ugh. Well y’all that’s really all I have to say. I’m pretty upset and fed up with a bunch of people. Ya thought I felt alone before…I really do now. Oh well nothing I can do about that, can’t make assholes like you or have them as friends. They all stab you in the back. 
Sleep tight! 
P.S. Luv ya gf  

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